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The 8th International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2022 with full spirit, eagerness and enthusiasm in VKV Shergaon in collaboration with the NSS Unit. In the morning at 7:15 am SSB, Shergaon organised a mass yoga session of 1 hours at multipurpose community hall in which students from different school, villagers, SSB and dignitaries of different government departments participated. Students from VKV, Shergaon also demonstrated yoga asanas and urged the public to make yoga a part of their life to bring pace in mind, flexibility of the body and comfort to the soul. It was followed by a formal programme which was conducted in the school hours under the guidance and instruction of Shri Kalyan Dutta, sports teacher and Shri Hari Sankar Mahato, wellness teacher. Shri Om Kumar Pradhan delivered a speech on the importance of the day and highlighted how yoga can change our personality, bring mental, physical and emotional well being. Shri Hari Shankar Mahato demonstrated yoga ashanas and students took part in different yogic posture as per the instruction. The programme ended on a successful note with Shanti Mantra.

Faculty members and students of VKV, Shergaon in collaboration with NSS Unit, SHG and Alumini celebrated the “World Environment Day” on 5th June in the school premises. The objective of this program is to spread awareness among people about saving our environment from various types of pollution and plant trees to make our mother earth full of greenery. All the assembled planted saplings in and around the campus as a kind and responsible gesture towards a green environment.

On 2nd morning of June at 10 am Varsharambha pooja was organised in the school to seek the blessings of the almighty for the prosperity of the students in academic and nonacademic field for the session 2022-23. As per the VKV tradition lighting the lamp was done by the Principal which was followed by three Om kara and shanti path. The pooja was performed by the Sanskrit teacher Shri Bahubali Chougule.
Shri Ajay Sitha spoke on the importance of the day and said the aim of performing Varsharambha pooja was to bring the significant positive changes in the lives of students and to achieve a new height of excellence by the grace of Maa Saraswati. Shri Bahubali Chougule recited the Saraswati Vandana and explained the meanings to the students.
Two beautiful Saraswati bhajans were sung by Meenakshi Didi and Shri Roshan Gurung which was a lead and follow. The Principal KV Dineshan sir blessed and guided the students with his motivating speech. He further said that the blessings of Goddess Saraswati need to be sought for achieving certain goals in student hood. Teachers and students offered flowers to the feet of Maa Saraswati to seek her blessing upon them. The programme concluded on a good note with Shanti path followed by Kendra Prarthana and prasad was distributed among all the assembled.

The day of “24th December 2021” was a blessed day for VKV, Shergaon as we had the presence of Swami Samananda Giri Ji of Veda Seva Math, Maheswar, Madhya Pradesh accompanied by our Shri R.Murlidharan, Education Officer, VKVAPT. Both the elders reached our school campus at around 7:30 pm. They were welcomed by the school team. Two days of school programme was planned on Swamiji’s visit.

On 25th December 2021, at 9.00 a.m., the inauguration of the exhibition room from the pious hands of Swami Samananda Giri Ji. The exhibition room displayed the wall magazines with the images of 75 freedom fighters on the occasion of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav made by the teachers – students and also making of posters on the life and incidents of Swami Vivekananda. Both respected elders appreciated the works done by the students and advised to keep the good works.

Next was the inauguration of the Samarth Bharat Parva programme. The programme started at 10 am with lighting of the lamp by Pujneeya Swami Samananda ji and Adarneeya Muralidharan ji followed by invocation performed by the students of Class-X. Adarneeya Muralidharan ji eloquently briefed the purpose of the day. Speaking on the significance of the day, he focused on the strength of India with an urge to build on it to forge ahead to a stronger India. Swami Samananda Giri Ji also addressed and blessed the gathering. Shri Shyamal Chakraborty, Principal in his style of befitting words expressed his gratitude to the assembled for the programme and was hopeful that in the days to come the youth will know the potential of Bharat and will work on the dreams that Swami Vivekananda.

From 10:30 am., the next session for teaching staffs by Swami Samananda Giri Ji was started with questions on various issues like How one can control anger? What is the difference between Guru and a Teacher ? etc. Swamiji had an interaction and very powerfully responded the questions to the satisfaction of all. The session was concluded with shanti mantra at 11.40 a.m.

Next was the session for the students of standard XI from 11:45 am to 12 noon. Students were asked, what gives them happiness? How can one remove or get rid of the negative qualities? What are the positive qualities they possess? Students had a good learning interaction with Swamiji.

On the same day in the evening there was one more session for teachers from 4 pm to 5 pm. It was the continuation of the first session wherein Swamiji tried to respond the questions raised by the teachers.                    

On the next day i.e., 26th December 2021 was also a day of interaction with Swamiji for various groups of students and staff members of the school. Beginning the day was a session for the students of Classes VI, VII & VIII from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Swamiji showed and did some practical experiment with a glass tumbler full of slurry water. He poured some clean and clear water upon it until the slurry water became clear. Through this experiment he tried to explain how we can bring positivity in oneself by continuously hammering upon the negative thoughts to move out of our mind.

Next was the session for the students of standard IX & X from 10:30 am to 11:30 am. He interacted and asked the students how one can get rid of negative thoughts and later explained the matter in a very beautiful manner. Swamiji also had a session for the students of standard III, IV & V. Swamiji interacted with the students’ and told a story with good moral value. Children with great curiosity asked many questions on the life of Swami Vivekananda.

Swamiji also had a session for the Grade IV staff and their families in the evening from 4 pm to 5 pm. Staff were asked whom and why they worship? Who is your Estha / Kul Devata ? Do they have any domestic problems? What were their food habits? etc.

Lastly, Swamiji had an interaction with the spouse of the Teachers from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. They were also asked whom and why they worship? What are their routines in the family life? etc. Swamiji interacted with all and explained the matters to the satisfaction of the staffs. Swami Samananda Giri Ji stay in the school campus was a blessing for all of us as we could learn and gain knowledge from the learned personality.

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Shergaon celebrated the auspicious programme of “Amrit Parivar Milan” on 24th December 2021 with gaiety and solemnity. Altogether 185 family members from 72 families and School staff were present. The programme started at 9:30 am with lighting of the lamp by the principal and few of the Parents, followed by invocation performed by the students. To welcome the guest, a welcome song “Swagatam Swagatam” was sung by the students of standard X. Shri Shyamal Chakraborty, Principal in his unique style extended a warm welcome to all and explained the purpose of the day. He very elegantly conveyed the message of celebrating Amrit Parivar Milan in the school and said that family is essential to one’s natural stability on becoming a morally respected human being in society. Speaking on the significance of the day Shri Balasaheb Nagrale, Vice Principal in his words explained the inner depth of the importance of family bonding and need for strengthening them. Each invited parents were called for self-introduction. Everyone of them came forward and told their name’s, child name and the place they belong to. It was indeed a great pleasure for all to know one another. This was followed by a Geet session. Smt. Puspalata Nagrale, Teacher VKV Shergaon sang a melodious song “Mukt ho gagan sada swarg se bane mahi” which was lead and follow. All the parents, staff, children cooperated and showed their involvement. To energised and get refreshed tea and snacks were also served to the assembled. Next was the Krida Yoga session. Shri Hari Shankar Mahato, Teacher VKV Shergaon demonstrated some yoga and pranayama activities which can be freely practiced in our home in a hussle free style. All the assembled participated in the event. Next was the video screening session. Shri Anjan Purkayastha, Teacher VKV Shergaon screened the video on lecture session by Mananeeye Nivedita Didi on the importance of Amrit Parivar Milan and ways to strengthen the family bonding. Didi explained when one reflects on the true essence of family, one must not initially reflect on the physicality aspect of family but instead the internal approach of the concept by strict observation of one’s natural growth through genuine support obtained only through strong family unity. Also, one short video was screened to highlight the need of strong families and understand the need for strengthening them. Next session was a game session. Shri Kalyan Dutta, Roshan Gurung, Puspalata Nagrale, Teacher VKV Shergaon involved the parents and students in the game session. Everybody enthusiastically participated in the event. It was time for group discussion among the parents. Parents were divided into four group. Topic for the group discussion “How family can become Amrit Parivar” was given and 20 minutes of time was allotted for the discussion. Later on, a leader from each group came forward and expressed the views on behalf of the group on the aforesaid given topic. Each group gave a beautiful presentation and expressed their opinions which was praiseworthy. Two of the parents also shared their experience of the programme and expressed their gratitude to VKV Shergaon for conducting such a beautiful programme under the banner of Vivekananda Kendra. Next was vote of thanks by Shri Anjan Purkayastha, Teacher VKV Shergaon in his style of using befitting words. He thanked everyone for their whole hearted co-operation to make the programme a successful. He also appealed to all to understand the deepness of the programme and make Amrit Parivar a success and fruitful in the days to come. The whole programme which was of four hours duration was conducted in a befitting manner. The programme concluded with Shanti Mantra.

Chief Guest:Shri Sange Tashi Thongdok, EX-ZPM and Smti Tsering Wangmu Lama, ZPM, Shergaon.

Shri Sange Tashi Thongdok :  VKV-Shergaon is performing well and everyone should support the school team to procure the LPC.

Everyone tried to give their best for the success of the programme. The active performance of all the staff members was appreciated by SSG members and guests.

Chief Guest : Smt. Tsering Wangmu Lama, Zilla Parishad Member- Shergaon circle AP

VKV Shergaon has celebrated Ganesh Chaturti puja.

VKV Shergaon has celebrated Teachers Day.In the online mode through Google meet 153 students attended the programme with their parents.



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