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On 23rd June of 2022, district level science seminar/congress and science exhibition was conducted for secondary level under RAA (Rashtriya Aaviskar Abhiyan) organized by District Project Officer Samagra Shiksha, Lower Subansiri District. The programme was organized in Secondary school Joram. The programme was graced by the presence of many dignitaries like Gaon Bura and Gaon Buri of the village, Headmaster and principal of various schools etc. Following are the details regarding the competitions:-

  • Science seminar/congress-

THEME: Save water, save earth


  • Science exhibition-

THEME: Science and technology for sustainable development


For the programme, two of our students participated in the competitions where they secured the following positions:

  1. Heri Umpi of class X (Seminar/congress) - 1st position
  2. Toko Tania of class IX (Exhibition) - Consolation Prize

The programme ended with the motivational speech of the chief guests and prize distribution.

VKV Ziro celebrated International Day of Yoga with immense enthusiasm and activities. On the particular day the following were the programs:

School Program: All the students and staffs performed loosening exercises, yoga and pranayama as per the AYUSH protocol. The program started at 5.30 and concluded at 6.30.

Program at Siikhe lake: With the invitation of the district administration, 20 of our students under the guidance of Sri Ruwad Gam Sir conducted yoga program. The program was graced by Er Tage Taki, honourable minister of Agriculture and Horticulture and Sri Bamin Nime, Deputy Commissioner, Lower Subansiri district and all other HODs. The program was also attended by Sri Muralidharanji, EO; Sri Jaisankar Sir, CIC and Sri Mukulji from VKVAPT.
Other programs related to IYD celebration conducted prior:
1. Program at Siikhe lake on 9th June: 20 of our trained students along with Sri Ruwad Gam Sir conducted this program. It was graced by Sri Sarbananda Sonowal, honourable Union Minister ; Er Tage Taki, honourable minister; Er Taba Tedir, honourable education Minister and other HODs of Lower Subanisir district. The detail report has been already sent.
2. Inter school Essay and Drawing Competition for Govt school: We also conducted Essay and Drawing Competition in Hija Secondary school and Hari Secondary school on 19 th June. The event was organized to create awareness among the students about the importance of yoga in our daily life as well as to understand Yoga as a great contribution of India to the world. Though we visited the schools many times we could get only 20 enrolment for the competition.

Complying with the invitation of the District Administration, VKV Ziro took part in Yoga Utsav Celebration and conducted Yoga program for the dignitaries as per the following details:

Location: Siikhe lake, Ziro

Dignitaries present: Sri Sarbananda Sonowal, honourable Union Minister, AYUSH, Er Tage Taki, honourable minister, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh, Er Taba Tedir, honourable Education Minister, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh, all the HODs of Lower Subansiri District

Role of VKV Ziro: A team of 20 students ( 10 boys & 10 girls) guided by Sri Ruwad Gam, PT teacher conducted the Yoga Program for 45 minutes as the the AYUSH protocol.

 Impact of the program: All the dignitaries including honourable Sarbananda Sonowalji appreciated the way yoga was conducted by VKV Ziro team. The honourable minister interacted with the school team and wished them all the best. The program created a fit ambience in the district for the International Yoga to be conducted on 21 June.

The Matri Puja for the outgoing Class X students was conducted on 3rd March. Parents of 31 students out of 49 students attended the program.
Smt Ramar Jokik, DIPRO, lower Subansiri District and an alumnus of VKVs graced the program as the Chief Guest.
Key points by Smt Ramar Jokik :
 She emphasized on the unique bond of mother and child and urged everyone to perform the puja wholeheartedly.
 Feels homely always when visiting any VKV, being an alumnus.
 Keep children away from mobile addiction.
 Spend time with children.
 Appreciated VKVs for inculcating such values among students.
Sri Pratim Acharaya, Sanskrit teacher of the Vidyalaya conducted the program as per the guidelines provided by Sri Krishna kumar Sir. It was observed that all the parents and the students performed puja with utmost devotion.
Feedback by students and parents:
3 numbers of students and 4 numbers of parents expressed their feelings.
 It was an excellent program. Never experienced such feelings earlier.
 Thanks to VKV for conducting such program.
 Such value will help to steer in the right direction in life.
After the Feedback session, Sri Muralidharan Sir, Education officer addressed the gathering.
Key points covered by Sri Murali Sir:
 Bhaki and Sradha are required to accomplish any great task in life.
 Fiive elements namely Bhasa, Bhojan, Bhusan, Bhavan, Bhajan we have to uphold in order safeguard Bharatiya Samskriti.
 We all are potentially divine.
 Make target to get minimum first class by all the students.
 Shared achievements of VKVs in NMSS and VVM exam.
Overall, the program was successful and it is expected that the students will cherish, imbibe and endorse the qualities and thereby contribute to create an ideal society firmly rooted in Bharatiya Sanskriti.

The ‘Vigyan Nilayam’, a Science and Mathematics activity hub consisting of three components – a library, Atal Tinkering Lab and a composite lab was inaugurated on 19 January 2022 by Sri Pema Kandu, honourable Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh in the presence of Er Tage Taki, honourable minister of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery. The historic event was also graced by a host of other dignitaries namely Sri Chowna Mein, honourable Deputy Chief Minister; Er Taba Tedir, honourable

Education Minister; Sri Kamlung Mossang, honourable minister UD; Sri Bamang Felix, honourable Home minister; Sri Mama Natung, honourable minister WRD; Sri Tapir Gao, honourable MP; Sri Padi Richo, former minister, Su Aparna Palkar, Secretary VKVAPT, Sri Rupesh Mathur, Joint Secretary, and other topmost bureaucrats. The entire team arrived at 11.15 and left at 1 pm.

While addressing the gathering, Er Tage Taki, honourable minister from Hapoli acknowledged the contribution of VKVs in bringing perceptible change in the field of education and narrated how VKV Ziro came into existence with the contribution of Apatani people. He also expressed his vision of catapulting VKV Ziro into a premier educational Institution in the area with higher Secondary Section and required infrastructure and urged the honourable Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister to assist VKV Ziro to materialize the same.

Sri Pema Khandu, honourable Chief Minister extolled the effort of VKV Ziro in establishing such innovative project in the school. He urged the students to avail all the opportunities given by such projects to enable oneself to be innovative and take Arunachal Pradesh to a greater height. He also assured all possible financial help to VKV Ziro as per the memorandum submitted by Sri Rupeshji.

The day scholar and campus students presented Science and Mathematics activities, a patriotic song, a mime and a traditional dance which were appreciated by all.

The program was also witnessed by a host of alumni, well-wishers, parents, Birri Women Welfare Association, students and staffs of VKV Yazali and Joram.

The inaugurated ‘Vigyan Nilayam’ is going to be a trend setter in providing technological know- how and promoting innovation through technology to students of VKV Ziro as well as to neighboring government and private schools and VKVs.

The programme was a successful one. All the students were enthusiastic and took active participation in it. The number of participants also increased. It was a fruitful programme as the children learned a lot.

Ganesh Chaturthi was observed for 3days i.e on 10th, 11th and 12th of september,2021. The programme was a successful and went on as planned. All members of the VKV Ziro family took active part in it, they came for the daily morning and evening prayer, did Aarti together. Prashadam was given by all household of VKV Ziro family. Students took active participation in the ' Ganesh Idol making Comepetition'. Prizes distribution was done on the last day. It was solemnly completed with the Visharjan of Shree Ganesha into the small river.

VKV Ziro has Celebrated Universal Brotherhood Day , Cluster Incharge ( Subansiri) ' Sir gave us the message of Oneness, instructed us how we can become a better person and awaring us what is happening in the world outside.'

The Programme was successful. Everything went as per the plan and as organized. It was a Programme of 1hour 30minutes. The significance of the day was emphasized throughout the programme in all the performances done by the students.

Message of Swami Vivekananda was given to the students. Swami Vivekananda's Chicago Address was delivered by the students.



Financial Assistance for VKVs

Financial Assistance for VKVs