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VKV, Ziro has organized Patriotic Song Competition [Class-wise] in the Prayer Hall from 11.00 AM to 12.30 PM. There were three judges to assess the performances of students. Smt. Wawatsi Kri, Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya [KV], Ziro, Sri. Kishore Kumar Verma, Music Teacher, Kendriya Vidyalaya [KV], Ziro and Kum. Janu Magar, Teacher, VKV, Ziro have graded the students performances using their expertise in music. The competition has begun after the felicitation of invitees. There were nine different patriotic songs presented by students of Classes – I-X. The songs presented by the students of different classes are as follows.

We have also selected “Desh Hame Detha Hai Sab Kuch … Hum Bhi To Kuch Dena Sikhein …” as the school song of VKV, Ziro. All the students have sung it together.

Awareness Program on Fire Fighting (in odd situations) conducted today in our Vidyalaya by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Hapoli.

Agency Conducted            : Department of Fire and Emergency Services, 
                                            Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Hapoli
Resource Team                  : Six members
Commandant                     : Sri. Tage Lampung, OC, Department of Fire and  
                                             Emergency Services, Government of Arunachal 
                                             Pradesh, Hapoli
Awareness Created on       : 1. Incidences of fire
                                              2. Immediate Responses to fire accidents
                                              3. Evacuation procedures during emergency
                                              4. LPG Related accidents and responses
                                              5. Awareness on PaGaL (Pa-Pani; Ga-Gas and
                                                  L-Light) [through which maximum fire accidents 
                                              6. Operation-cum-demonstration on Fire  
                                                  Extinguishers, Powder-type, Foam-type and  

You may be aware that VKV, Ziro had hosted the Capacity Building Programme (CBP) on Science from 19th July, 2019 to 20th July, 2019. The CBP was organized by CBSE-Centre of Excellence (CoE), Guwahati. There were two teachers from VKV, Ziro participated in it. They are Su. Chuni Khimhun and Sri. Ajaya Kumar Sitha. Given below is the brief report of the same.

Name of the programme : Capacity Building Programme on 'Science'
Dates : 19th - 20th July, 2019
Resource Person : Sri. Ravindernath Savdeykar,
Principal, VKV, Dibrugarh
Pattern : Non-Residential, However all VKV Teachers were given accommodation here
Time Duration : 9.00 AM - 4.30 PM
Total Number of Participants : Twenty-One [21]
Number of VKVs Teachers
Participated :
Nine [09] from 5 VKVs
VKVs : VKV, Joram - 01
VKV, Kuporijo - 03
VKV, Nirjuli - 02
VKV, Raga - 01
VKV, Ziro - 02
Resource Materials : As per Resources Forwarded by
CBSE-CoE, Guwahati


‘Sargam Camp’, a camp to continue the efforts for improving the chanting of prayers, singing bhajans and songs in our Vidyalayas, started formally on the morning of 9th July, 2019 at 9.30 AM. Sri. S. Krishnakumar Ji, VKVAPT, Dibrugarh served as the Mentor of the program. Smt. Anjali Das, VKV, Balijan, Su. Kashmiri Kotoky, VKV, Tafrogam and Sri. Mangesh Avadhut Bhurse, VKV, Sher were the Resource Persons. There were 41 participants from 09 different VKVs taken part in it.

Proceedings of the Camp:
The training program has got initiated immediately after the brief inaugural session, in which the Principal of VKV, Ziro welcomed the mentor, resource persons, teachers and participants. The session of learning was taken in three Satras – I-IV in different time intervals. In all the sessions different types of Bhajans and Slokas were taught. The participants were taught regarding

  • Introduction Subject Teachers with parents
  • Facilities available with school [Both man power and materials]
  • CBSE Rules & Regulations
  • New Exam, Questions and Evaluation Patterns
  • Our Academic Plans for the Session – Subject-wise
  • Discussion on various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • An Introduction to Vivekananda Kendra
  • An Introduction to Maa. Eknathji
  • VK and its functionaries like jeevan Vratis
  • How can parents contribute to VK?

Venue Assembly Ground of VKV, Ziro
Time 07.00 AM – 09.00 PM
Attendance 02 Special Invitees, 171 Students [Hostellers], 14 Teaching Staff, 27 Invitees [Departmental Heads of different Departments] and 03 Alumni (TOTAL = 217)
Program Coordination The Principal & Staff
Special Invitees

Dr. Sambu Kumar, Director (Industries), Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited, Government of India, New Delhi

Er. Tage Taki, Hon’ble Minister, Department of Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar

Felicitation of Special Invitees The Principal, VKV, Ziro
Particulars of Program:  
Mangalacharan All Hostellers together
Welcome and Importance of the Day The Principal, VKV, Ziro
Points Shared - Delivered Welcome Address
- Vivekananda Kendra & its Motto of Service
- Importance of Yoga in one’s life
- Evolution of International Yoga Day
Yogic Practice All the loosening exercises, Asanas and breathing practices, as per the guidelines of AYUSH, Government of India, were demonstrated and performed
Address by the Special Invitees

Hon’ble Minister Er. Tage Taki:
- Yoga is an ancient wisdom and science of India
- It helps us to be fit
- It was practiced earlier in Ashrams; now every nook and corners of the world
- Ageing is due to worries; worries can be eliminated through Yogic practice
- VKVs are different from other institutions because of practicing and teaching such science to students
- Practice yoga daily and be fit always

Dr. Sambu Kumar:
- Yoga has an international level acceptance
- It is purely scientific and proven technique to keep oneself fit
- Vivekananda Kendra is one of the pioneer organizations, which emphasizes Yogic practice

Shanti Mantra  


Venue [1] Donyi Puja School Block (near Entrance)
[2] Speeches Prayer Hall
Time 10.30 AM – 12.45 PM
Attendance 275 Students, 25 Localites, 16 Teaching Staff & 16 Non-Teaching Staff & 18 Staff Family Members (TOTAL = 350)
Program Coordination The Principal & Staff
Chief Priest Sri. Landi Tajang, Priest-cum-Chief Advisor, All Apatani Danyi Piilo Society [AADPS], Ziro (Formerly Superintendent of Police [SP], Government of Arunachal Pradesh)
Assistant Priests

01. Sri. Pura Pai, General Secretary, All Apatani Priests Welfare Association [AAPWA], Ziro

02. Sri. Kago Lampung, Hari Village, Ziro

Invitees Attended 01. Sri. Gyati Pada, President, All Apatani Danyi Piilo Society [AADPS], Ziro
(Formerly Range Forest Officer [RFO], Government of Arunachal Pradesh] 02. Sri. Hage H. Atung, Assisstant Controller, Department of Legal Meteorology, Government of Arunachal Pradesh
03. Sri. Mudang Ellyu, Chairman, Research, Reformation and Documentation Cell, All Apatani Danyi Piilo Society [AADPS], Ziro
04. Sri. Taru Abing¸ President, Arunchal Vikas Parishad, Ziro
05. Sri. Punyo Mullo, General Secretary, Arunchal Vikas Parishad, Ziro
06. Smt. Hage Yami, President, Mahila Wing, Arunchal Vikas Parishad, Ziro
07. Smt. Hage Yajang, Secretary, Mahila Wing, Arunchal Vikas Parishad, Ziro
08. Smt. Gyati Pada Assung, Treasurer, Mahila Wing, Arunchal Vikas Parishad, Ziro
09. Sri. Hage Bida, Chairman, Hari Meder Nello, Hari Village, Ziro
10. Sri. Tasso Takar, General Secretary, Hari Meder Nello, Hari Village, Ziro
11. Sri. Mudo Tagia, General Secretary, Supung Meder Nello, Supung Village, Ziro
12. Sri. Sri. Takhe Tangu, General Secretary, Siiro Meder Nello, Siiro Village, Ziro
13. Smt. Tasso Ampa, Hari Meder Nello Popi, Hari Village, Ziro
14. Sri. Rubu Miloh Taming, General Secretary, Tajang Meder Nello, Tajang Village, Ziro
15. Sri. Gyati Tabyo, Hari Meder Nello, Hari Village, Ziro
16. Smt. Gyati Yabo, Indigenous Faith Believer
17. Smt. Gyati Kiimer, Indigenous Faith Believer
18. Sri. Gyati Taki, Well-wisher
19. Smt. Gyati Muryang, Well-wisher
20. Smt. Rubu Riniya, Indigenous Faith Believer
21. Smt. Racho Aniyung, Indigenous Faith Believer and Well-wisher
22. Su. Subu Chuku, Former VK Arun Jyoti Karyakarta
Felicitation of Guests Sri. Bamin Tatung, Junior Estimator, Department of Rural Development, Government of Arunachal Pradesh and Member, School Support Group, VKV, Ziro
Particulars of Donyi Puja:  
Performed By: Sri. Landi Tajang, Priest-cum-Chief Advisor, All Apatani Danyi Piilo Society [AADPS], Ziro (Formerly Superintendent of Police [SP], Government of Arunachal Pradesh)
Assisted By: 01. Sri. Pura Pai, General Secretary, All Apatani Priests Welfare Association [AAPWA], Ziro
02. Sri. Kago Lampung, Hari Village, Ziro
Time: 09.00 AM – 10.30 AM
Particulars of Speech Program:  
Mangalacharan Class – X Girls (Hostellers)
Welcome Address and Purpose The Principal, VKV, Ziro
Addresses By: 01. Sri. Landi Tajang:
- Explained the importance Puja
- Described the meaning of Altar
- Discipline helped me to achieve heights in my life

02. Sri. Gyati Pada:
- Every individual has both good and bad; look at the good and march forward
- Be the followers of your parents, teachers and Swamiji to progress in life

03. Sri. Mudang Ellyu:
- Explained the meaning of Symbol of Donyi Polo image
- Performed Puja for Rakha Sutra and tied to all
- Briefed about happy life with the nature

04. Sri. Taru Abing:
- Focus on studies
- Have targets to reach the goal set
- Understand the efforts taken by the parents and your teachers and act
Prasad Traditional Prasad of Rice powder mixed with ginger is given
  There was lunch arranged for all
Shanti Mantra  


Swami Purshottam Ji, Sri. Rupesh Mathur as well as some of our Alumni visited the premises of VKV, Ziro on 31st May, 2019 in the evening at 5.40 PM. They have all attended the “Bhajan Sandhya”. The Principal of VKV, Ziro welcomed the guests and gave a formal introduction. Thereafter Swami Ji and Rupesh Ji offered blessing to the students whose birthdays fallen on the month of May with chanting of “Swasthashu Mantra”.

After that Swamiji interacted with the students. He was very elated by the discipline of the students mentioning the alignment of their slippers outside, their entry in to prayer hall, their sitting, their involvement in chanting, etc. He appealed all the students to learn about the Swamiji’s power of concentration, focus, His curious nature and determination. He displayed fun based activities to express happiness using hands, which students liked very much. He said at times that



Financial Assistance for VKVs

Financial Assistance for VKVs