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VKV Jirdin celebrate International Yoga Day at Govt.Higher Secondary School Aalo, with the Vivekananda Kendra Aalo, Branch. The Programme started at 10:00am by lighting of lamp by Chief Guest  Sri. Harmo Ete, Principal of Govt. Higher Secondary School, Aalo.

Sri. Markar Paduji ( Nagar Sanchalak and Cluster In- Charge of Siang Cluster) gave the welcome address. After the welcome  speech Patriotic song was presented by Class X students of VKV Jirdin.

Significance of the day was given by Sri. Tumto Ete ji ( Vwastha Parmukh ) VK Aalo Branch. He explain the importance of Yoga in our life. It keeps us fit , Cure so many diseases and also keep our mental peace. After Tumto Eteji’s speech Yoga Practice was started. Km. Mari Ete std of class X VKV Jirdin explain the benefits of each Yoga steps and Km. Toyum Gara std of Class VIII and Km. Jinna Jilen std of class VII  did demonstration. All the participant of Govt. H. S. School students, Teachers, Guest, VKV Jirdin students of Class IX and X , teachers , Adhikaries of Vivekananda Kendra Arunjyoti Aalo ,Branch and well wishers practice Yoga according to the protocol given by the Govt. of India.

After Yoga practice Chief Guest Sri. Harmo  Ete ji gave speech. He said today entire country is celebrating International Yoga Day. I felt very happy that the std students of VKV is teaching us Yoga because, govt school did not have such practice. I request to all VKV students once again teach Yoga to all my school students in future. Yoga is very important in our life it is like a medicine for any kind of disease. It develop our mental power and keep our whole body fit. I request all the children present here keep  practice Yoga and be healthy.

Total Attendance - 60 students of Govt School + 53 Student of VKV Jirdin + 15 teachers of Govt H.S. School + 6 teachers of VKV Jirdin + 26 Members from VK Aalo branch, well wishers and Parents.Total – 160 Participant.

 2nd Programme at 9:am students of VKV and Teachers of VKV Jirdin celebrate International Yoga Day at School Prayer hall.   Smt. Kunti Maya Mogar gave the significance of the Day. She said we must practice Yoga everyday for mental development and keep us fit. After her speech all the students from class IV to VIII did Yoga practice.   The programme end with ‘ Shanti Mantra’.

Total Attendance: 229 students + 7 teaching and non-Teaching Staff                                           

National Youth Day ( Swamiji  Vivekananda Jayanti) was celebrated in school . The Chief Guest Sri. Jumken  Riram Officer In- Charge of Aalo inaugurated  the Programme by lighting of lamp.

Welcome Address was given by Principal VKV Jirdin, Significance of day was given by Smt. Hage Monya She explain from Swami Vivekananda’s birth to his contribution for the nation . she included the importance Samartha  Bharat Purva  in her speech.

After her speech Sri Logen Kanchanji ( Sampark Parmukh) spoke about Samarth Bharat Puva , explain about the Vijay Hi Vijay programme for the youth, and declare Ek Bharat Vijay Bharat  concluding progrramme.

Km. Tumi Kamgo  the state winner of Vijay Hi Vijay  Programme  presented  Swadesh Mantra . After her speech she was given prize by Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti Aalo Branch. The Chief Guest gave away the prize to her.

After that Chief Guest Sri Yomken Kamgo gave his speech, he said he liked the work done by Vivekananda  Kendra for Arunachal Pradesh. He said through VKV school and the dedicated teacher’s our poor children gain lot of knowledge and moving forward in their success life. We need to take care of our Youth so that they shouldn’t choose wrong path. I am very much happy that VKV jirdin had produced good numbers of officer’s in Aalo Town and in Arunachal Pradesh.

Vote of thanks given by Sri Markar Paduji to all who were present in the programme.

Today at 10:00 am, Sharda M Jayanti and Amrit Parivar Milan was conducted at School Computer Lab. The programme started  with lighting of lamp by our Guest speaker Smt. Jumde Yomgam Gamlin, Chairman Women Vision of Aalo. After lighting of lamp, Patriotic song was presented by the students of class X. The programme  was anchored by Su. Kajal Neog Phukan. Two members of Mother Vision group werealso present with the Guest Speaker.

 Session I -Video show of Padma Shri Man. Nivedita Didi was showed to the parents,  which they liked verymuch. They said that they never thought about this. They were moved and truly inspired from her speech.                                           

Session II- The Guest Speaker of the Amrit Parivar Milan was Smt. Jumde Yomgam Gamlin (Chairman of Mother Vision group of Aalo). In her speech she said that parents should be in touch with their children. At the time of  dinner all the family members should share their day’s experience.  She further said that Non- Tribal people always keep in touch with their children; but as , our Galo  people are  busy in their own work, they give money to children and  never ask what they do with the money.  In such situation the child is diverted in wrong direction. At present our people also started living in nuclear family in towns and have started forgetting  their village and old parents. The children are getting customized in western culture. It should not be. The children must learn our own practices.  She expreesed the need to avoid organizing parties at our homes and spend time with  children and family. We must check their friends circle also.

 She told that it is a custom of inviting daughters and son in laws of the entire village during the end of year; where they are felicitated and have a get together. We must continue to follow this tradition.  

Session III - Family games by Smt. Yabom Digbak. The game was  coin passing among the family members. They enjoyed the game.

Session IV - Group discussion of the parent and presentation on important  dimensions of the family  Topic : SAMSKAR – ABLE TO MOULD CHILDREN WITH PROPER VALUES IN LIFE. We divided the parents into three groups.

Advocate Sri. Kenbom Bagra presented his group views to believe in work culture & create congenial atmosphere in the family. Maintain good relation with neighbors’. Avoid organizing parties and watching T.V.  We can start Library in our society for the children.

Sri. Bhupen Dewan  UDIS officer : He said we should believe in humanity .. Children must be encouraged to play games either indoor or outdoor.  We should monitor our children’s friend circle.

Sri. Tadang Mibamg Principal Passing H.S. School. :  He said philosophy of life (family) has three folds:

  1. Education Child development   3. Personality development of child. For social change.

We parents should hold the responsibilities to all the above three folds

Sri Markar Padu ji Cluster In-Charge said that  we should always keep in touch with our family and children.Strong family builds strong society which inturn build strong nation.  He also told everyone to share the crust of the discussion to friends, neighbours and family.Vote of thankswas  given by Principal Didi.

                                     The programme ended with “ Shanti  Mantra”.

Total Attendance :  59. 

VKV Jirdin has celebrated Ganesh Chaturti.We did not got idol so the picture of Ganasha was drawn by students of class IX. Due to their bus timing they cannot attend puja. 

VKV Jirdin has celebrated Teacher's Day

VKV Jirdin has Celebrated Shri Krishna Janmastami .

It was interesting .All Teaching ,Non- Teaching and students of Jirdin village actively participated in the games.Through the programme Teaching ,Non-teaching and children learn about the Late Dhyan Chand Hockey player. They also importance of games in our life.



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