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VKV NEEPCO KIMI has conducted the 8th International Day of Yoga on 21.06.2022 at two different places. One is at school Auditorium for the students in the morning at 6.30 am and the other with NEEPCO officials at NEEPCO NRC centre in a befitting manner.

Importance of Yoga was told by Sri Vilas Palsokar. Various benefits of different asanas and pranayams were told and also encouraged the students to practice some of the asanas in their daily life. He told that regular practice of Yoga helps in curing various kinds of diseases and train our body and mind and also promote peace and harmony in the society. Rituraj Moran was the Yoga instructor. This time the whole Yoga session was conducted following the Yoga protocol set by AYUSH Ministry, Govt. of India. Altogether, the total participant in the program was 282.

The ocassion of Gita Jayanti was successfully conducted by VKV NEEPCO KIMI by organising chanting of Slokas as per planned manner. One boys and one girls group was formed for the program. Both the groups chanted Slokas with fullest rhythm and clear pronunciation. Moreover, they have actively participated in this program. The event was witnessed by our Students as well the teachers with deep interests.

Today we have celebrated Indigenous faith day with joyous manner. The programme was organised in emphatically and all the teachers, non-teaching staffs, children and few parents whole-heartedly participated in the procession. Most of the Students, Teachers and few others came in their traditional attire which reflects our rich and diverse culture. Overall the celebration was awesome.

Today, we have observed Sadhana Divas in our school with befitted manner. Also, Library week observation started from today onwards in the school. So, as per our plan we conducted both the programme.It is noticed that, the entire team was satisfied and had enthusiastically cooperated as well as coordinated in every aspects of the programme. It was a great team effort and contribution. Further, events such as four patriotic songs by the students from four respective houses, Extempore Speech competition, Book review were organised.

As a part of Library week celebration 2021, we have conducted 'Book Donation Drive' where we have received 25 books. Book donation drive will continue till 26th November 2021.

VKV NEEPCO KIMI has observed Children's day and local festival of AKA community Nyethrii Dow with great fervor. Dance and drama competition held. It is seen that Students shown full enthusiasm to celebrate the day.

The various events organised under Annual Sports Meet  by VKV NEEPCO KIMI was wonderful as all the events conducted according to plan and students/participants, Teachers, Staff, as well as some of the Parents involvement was great. It was observed that participants took keen interest in different games and Sport activities with full of enthusiasm.

Though the programme was short but well organized. All the students and teachers present during the programme were came to know the life of sister Nivedita as well as how she was highly inspired and motivated from the philosophies of Swami Vivekananda.

As a part of this programme,we had kept one patriotic song. The student group of class VII performed the song very nicely. Muralidharan Sir has appreciated the students, principal and staffs of the school.

VKV Neepco Kimi has celebrated Gandhi jayanti As per our plan programme was conduted with great enthusiasm. Students were actively participated in competition as well as cleanliness drive programme.



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Financial Assistance for VKVs