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Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Nirjuli celebrated 8th International day of Yoga 2022 with the theme “Yoga for Humanity” in a befitting manner in collaboration with State NSS Cell, Directorate of higher and technical education, Itanagar.
Chief Guest: Sri. Gyamar Raja (Alumni and Karyakarta of Vivekananda Kendra)
Guest of Honour: Sri. S.C. Dixit, Education Officer (Papumpare Cluster), VKVAPT

Total Attendance:
Parents 800
Students 1200
Teaching Staff 51
Non-Teaching Staff 13

International day of Yoga was celebrated in School assembly hall at 7:30 am with great zeal and enthusiasm. There was a voluntary participation of students and parents to commemorate the countrywide celebrations of 8th International Day of Yoga 2022. The programme started with Invocation Prayer by Km. Horpi Amo and Km Dorsoni Siboh (Students of XII Sci). Soon after that a Welcome Song titled “Swagatam Swagatam” was sung beautifully by the group of students of Class XII. Km. Horpi Amo (Class XII Sci) gave the speech on the significance of the day. She expressed her views on yoga and its importance in our daily lives. She narrated that Yoga is not merely a kind of physical exercise involving different postures and movements but it is also a mental and spiritual exercise too. She urged all to take pledge in order to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits of yoga as visioned by our Honourable Prime Minister, Sri. Narendra Modi.
Sri. S.C. Dixit, Education Officer (Papumpare Cluster), VKVAPT gave the Welcome Address and highlighted the Importance of yoga in one’s life and emphasized on enhancing the soundness of the mind and body through yoga. He said that regular practice of yoga and meditation for 30 minutes will help the students achieve a better life, physically, mentally as well as spiritually.
Sri. Manoj Dutta (PE Teacher, VKV Nirjuli) along with students’ instructors of class XII (Km. Tok Akum, Km. Hage Ampi, Kr. Naiphu Wangsu, Kr. Toy Tayeng and Kr. Amuna Sonam) demonstrated Yogasanas, Suryanamaskar along with chanting of the mantras which was
performed simultaneously by the students and parents. Sri. Pandurang Patil (Teacher, VKV Nirjuli) and student volunteers assisted the parents and students in performing yogasanas. A short 2 min Yoga Display was performed by the hosteller’s students of VKV Nirjuli. Km. Nangram Anu (Class XII Sc) gave the vote of thanks.

VKV Nirjuli celebrated Amrit Pariwar Milan on 23rd December 2021 in a befitting manner on how to become an ideal family as well as and various other aspects which the parents need to take up for the well being of the students.

For this auspicious programme, we have invited Chief Guest, Dr. Joram Begi along with Sri. S.C Dixit, Education officer (Papumpare Cluster), VKV Arunachal Pradesh Trust. .A total of 423 parents, 44 teaching staff, 11 Non teaching staffs and participated in the programme.


Dr. Joram Begi - Arunachal Prant Sanchalak and Trustee of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Arunachal Pradesh Trust.

The programme started with lightning of the lamp followed by Mangalacharan by the students. After that the chief guest was felicitated by the Principal.

Sri. S.C Dixit, Education officer (Papumpare Cluster), VKV Arunachal Pradesh Trust gave the welcome speech and the importance of the auspicious programme.

Excerpts from Sri. S.C Dixit, E.O Papumpare Cluster, VKVAPT:

  • Family plays an important role in nurturing the child
  • Value system, rituals and culture only can bind the families and it plays a vital role in the progress of a child
  • Society plays an important role. In the present era,values are degrading to some extent and we should strive for preserving it through imparting family values.
  • Amrit Pariwar is a programme to uphold the family ideals through culture and parents should take active role in fulfilling it
  • VKV Students are well established in every nook and corner in various coveted positions due to the teaching and values imparted at school and family
  • We have to overcome anger in family system as it leads to frustration
  • If family values are imparted to the students then it will be not only beneficial to the students but also to society and state too.
  • We should pledge for “Amrit Pariwar” i.e. we should start from the grass root level (house) and then only we can transform the society.

A patriotic song “Dharm ke liye Jiye” was sung by Sri. Trilochan Upadhyay. It was lead and follow.

Dr. Joram Begi, Prant Pramukh, Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Arunachal Pradesh Trust

gave a speech and highlighted the importance of Amrit Pariwar Milan.

Excerpts from Dr. Joram Begi, Prant Pramukh, Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Arunachal Pradesh Trust

  • Types of Pariwar and formation of nucleus family ( father, mother and child)
  • Family can be become Amrit only through performance and quality.
  • Better family values will benefit not only to the family but also to community, state as well as whole nation.
  • Family is a social unit, social organisation and social institution
  • Organisation starts with a family and has an identity
  • Family education is utmost essential as students will first learn from the family
  • Parents should be role models for children
  • Parents should give unconditional love and affection despite all odds
  • Expect but not too much, tolerance, faith
  • Concern and communication
  • Minimise family disputes as it give negative impact to the children
  • Appreciation and encouragement, inspire the child but not pamper
  • Parents should take involvement in school programmes
  • Healthy atmosphere and environment for the children at home
  • No physical violence and vulgar language, teaching soft skills
  • Maintain timetable and minimise usage of mobiles to children
  • Teach mother language, heritage and culture.

After that Group discussion was conducted for the parents. The parents were divided into 6 groups and a topic” Role of Parents in moulding a child” was given. The time allotted was 20 minutes for the discussion. One parent representative from each of the 6 groups presented the views on it.

Some feedback points by the Parents:

  • Not to disclose the family income to the students.
  • Care and guidance by the teachers
  • No money to be given to the students in hand
  • Donate previous year books in school
  • Rotation sitting system in classrooms
  • Students up to class 5 to be kept with parents at home
  • Regular tracking of performance of children
  • Taking care of students regarding mobile addiction
  • Career choices for students
  • Socio cultural development and understanding child psychology
  • All round development of students.

In the Games session two games, “Balloon game and Hathi Ghora Palki......” were played with the parents which was coordinated by the V.K Arunjyoti karya kartas. The parents enjoyed the game.

Lastly, the programme concluded with Shanti Mantra. Lunch was organised for the parents and teachers. The programme was a grand success.

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Nirjuli took active participation in assembling Rain water harvesting and Filtration kit online programme for “Guinness World Record Title” conducted by Vignana Bharati, Government of Goa and Ministry of Earth Sciences as a part of Annual Science Festival “India International Science Festival” at Goa.
Number of Students enrolled in the Activity: 94
No of Students performed the activity: 81
Coordinator: Sri. Amarnath Sahani
Steward Teacher: Sri. Dhrubaraj Maity
Details of the Programme:
Based on the active enrollment of students in India’s largest science Examination” Vigyan Vidyarthi Manthan” our school is chosen to participate in the activity based programme which is slated to be in Hybrid mode (Both online and offline) on 12th December 2021. Around 7500 students will assemble the kit simultaneously online to create a Guinness world record. Total 92 Schools all over India took part in the event in virtual mode.
We have nominated 94 students from classes VI and VII for the activity as instructed by the organizing team. Accordingly 97 number of Rain water and filtration kits were dispatched to us from the Ministry of Earth Sciences, GOI. We have given 3 days of intensive hands on training on assembling the kits as well as how to conduct the experiment in online mode too ( Microsoft Teams App) by forming Whatsapp groups for the nominated students. Some essential Do’s and Don’t instructions were given to the students beforehand.
The students were able to perform the activity online with other participants within the stipulated time, though there were some network glitches in between, but the programme ended in a positive note from both the students and parent’s perspective. The students and the coordinating teachers will be given certificates bearing the logo of Guinness world Record title as assured by the organizing team. The programme ended successfully.

The program was well planned and organized. The speech on Guru Nanak ji was delivered by Km. Nancy Gumro of class- VIII. Important of the day was highlighted by Sri. R.K. Dubey. Seijosa Alumina group attended the program and they shared their experience as VKV students. They motivated our students to become good citizens of mother Bharat.

To commemorate the glorious 75 years on independence of progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements, VKV Nirjuli conducted a special programme on 5th November 2021 related to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and INA as a part of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ (AKAM). A total of 400 students from classes VI-IX, 15 teachers participated in the programme.
The programme started with invocation by the students of Class XI.
Kr. Amuna Sonam (Class XI Sci) delivered a speech on the life of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and history of Indian National Army (INA). In his speech, he addressed Netaji as a Stalwart who committed himself towards India is free and leads a life of dignity.
A patriotic group song “Kadam kadam barhaye ja……” was sung by the students of Class XI to pay tribute to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The song created an ambience with a patriotic feeling with a strong message.
Poems on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose were sung by some selected students from classes (VI-IX).
A quiz programme was conducted for the students from Class VI to XI by the students of Class XI Commerce. A set of options based questions were asked followed by prizes.
A self composed song “Subhash Ji, Subhash Ji……….. was sung by Kr. Vivek Das (XI Sc). The song filled our hearts with a sense of patriotism.
A group dance “Namo Namo” was performed by the girls. The students gave a truly mesmerizing performance; they beautifully showcased their patriotism through their dance moves.
Km. Likha Kuku of Class IX narrated some famous slogans like “Give me blood, and I shall give you freedom”.
Two students ( Kr. Dani Hubyo of Class XI Sc and Km. Yadum Gollo of Class XI Comm gave some of the famous quotes and speech of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and his role as a freedom fighter.
The programme was a great success. The programme ended with chanting of

The programme was conducted successfully as plan , it was celebrated as "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan", all hosteller along with staff member cleaned hostel campus. Drawing competition was conducted for all children, all children were actively took part.

The programme was held It was well organized and the students presentations were appreciable

Smt. K K Reena, Principal, VKV Nirjuli Important points of the speech "Love your nation" " Speak Hindi " Read more and grow more.

Chief Guest:Sri. Talo Potom( IAS), Deputy Commisioner, Itanagar Capital Complex (ICR)

Other Guests:Sri. Taba Tatup, Chairman, VKV Alumni Association (Vyavasta Pramukh), Vivekananda Kendra.

He suggested all of us to understand the message of Swamiji to leave a meaningful and purposeful life.
He laid focus on the three important points from one of the Swamiji Quotations: Purity,
patience and perseverance as building blocks in order to elevate ourselves and achieve success in our life.
He told that we should have purity in each and every duty we undertake in our daily life.
Teaching and preaching requires lot of patience level and we should imbibe it in ourselves.
Education is the manifestation to work on and on consistently.
He cited an incident from the conversation between Swami Vivekananda and Sister Nivedita when Swamiji was on his death bed .
Appealed us to give awareness to students on Drug Abuse in Schools by organising speech in assembly, street plays, Parents teachers meetings etc.



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