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Name of the Doctors :-

  1. Dr. Yajum Nidak
  2. Dr. Takio Limgsa
  3. Dr. Kamkar Riku
  4. Yapa Gusar, ANM
  5. Yapi Haging, ANM
  6. Omung Jeram,ANM
  7. Nyajit Nalo,ANM
  8. Taw Ngomle,HA

Date :- 01/07/2019
Venue :- School Campus
Strength :- 407

Sub: - Observation on International Yoga Day
Venue: - School Ground, VKV Kuporijo
Strength: - 436 (Students, Teaching & Non Teaching Staffs, Family Members)
Activities: - Morning Session

  1. Speech--Importance of Yoga in our Life by Sri Rajib Konwar & Sri Tilak Bura Gohain
  2. Prescribed protocol International Yoga Day was followed By Sri Tilak Bura Gohain.

Strength: - 713 (Students & teachers, Parents & Students of other Schools)

Time: - Morning Session

  1. Puja rituals by Sri Raj Kr. Dubey, Sri Rajib Konwar & Class-X Students.
  2. Organized by Class-IX Students.
  3. Prasad Distribution by Class-VIII & VII Students (Kheer, Puri, Sabji)

Strength: - 37 Students  with Parents & teachers (Total --106)

Session :- Afternoon Session

Activities: -

Washing feet of Parents by their wards

Welcome Speech by Principal

Significance of the day by Smt. Sanchita Dey Sarkar, Teacher, VKV KPJ

Strength: - 243 (Students & teachers, Participants & Escort of other Schools)

Activities: - Recitation of Self Composed Patriotic Poems by the Students of

Different Schools

Time: - Morning Session

Invited Guest Sri Jashwant Singh , SI (ITBP)

  1. Participated Schools – 6nos (total 36 Students)
  2. Programme conducted by Class—VIII Students
  3. Prizes Distribution
  4. Chief Organiser Sri Rakesh Petkar
  5. Shanti Mantra by Smt. Sanchita Dey Sarkar

Interaction session with ---

Resource Person-Sri Pulak Lida, President of Indigenous Faith & Culture ,Daporijo

Guest Speaker    -Sri Rakak Dugi, Gaonbura

Classes attended --- III (A) & (B)

Time – 2.30 P.M to 4.00 P.M

Strength --- 76  (including Parents & Teaching Staffs)



Financial Assistance for VKVs

Financial Assistance for VKVs