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The 8th International Day of Yoga (IDY) was celebrated by VKV Kharsang, Dist changlang  Arunachal Pradesh The students of all the classes and Tangsa Model School participated.Our  yoga team lead by PT teacher visited TMS to demonstrate and  participated in the programme with great enthusiasm. Warm up exercises such as Sookshm Vyayam were taken up and all the students learned and performed various techniques of Pranayama like Anulom-Vilom, Bhamri, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, etc., the importance of these were explained simultaneously. The students also demonstrated various standing, sitting and lying asanas like Tadasana, Bhujangasana, Halasana etc., followed by Omkar chanting and meditation techniques. on 21 June 2022 providing encouragement to students to practice yoga regularly to remain fit and improve their concentration.

School program:

  1. Venue: VKV Kharsang
  2. Date and Time: 21st June 2022 6.00am to 7.30am
  3. Attendance: 130 nos (Hostellers and teaching and non-teaching)
  4. Programme coordinator: Sri Rajendra S. Patil along with seventh class students of 1st group

School program:

  1. Venue: VKV Kharsang
  2. Date and Time: 21st June 2022 8.45am to 9.30am
  3. Attendance: 240 nos (Day Scholars and teachers
  4. Programme coordinator: Sri Rajendra S. Patil along with seventh students of 2nd group

Other School program:

  1. Venue: Thangsa Model School, Kharsang
  2. Date and Time: 21st June 2022 10.30 am to 11.30am
  3. Attendance: 70 nos
  4. Programme coordinator: Sri Rajendra S. Patil along with seventh students of 1st group

On dated: 19th march 2022, VKV-Kharsang conducted Matri Puja for the Class X students and parents. At 10.00 am,Class-X students received their mothers and fathers to the prayer hall after washing their feet. It was noticed that such a holy task was done by the students for the first time in the their life and it could touch their hearts.34 mothers and some fathers were present for the programme.Sri.Unnikrishnan PM, Education Officer and Sri.Ajayakumar,CIC,Tirap cluster were present on the auspicious occasion.

All the parents offered flowers in front of BHARAT MATA and SWAMI VIVEKANANDA and then they were taken to the prayer hall after the Tilak. Class X girls started the programme with invocation followed by the Welcome address by Sri. M V Ravindran, Principal, VKV-Kharsang.

Sri.Phupla Singh, an alumnus of VKV Kharsang, highlighted the significance of the day. In his speech he explained the role of a mother for the growth of a child with some interesting facts and stories from the real life experiences. He said that mother is symbol of ultimate love and sacrifice.

Sri Unnikrishnan, Education Officer spoke on the concept of Matripuja, the role of mothers in the day today life of children. It was followed by the deliberation of instructions from Shri S.N.Pandey for beginning of Matri Puja.The whole puja was performed by the parents and students from the inner-core of their heart, which was visible from their facial appearances.

Now, it was the time for listening the feedbacks from the students and parents. Most of the students said that it was a wonderful experience for them and for the first time they could understand the sacfrices of their mothers to bring them up for their colourful future. Some of the parents shared their experiences and appraised the VKVs for organising such a value-based programme for the development of parent – child relationship in the society. The programme concluded with Shanti Mantra.

Annual Athletic Meet of VKV Kharsang was held on 10th and 11th January 2022 displaying the qualities of sportsmanship and teamwork of students. The chief guests and guest of honour on the opening ceremony were:

  1. Sambo Changmi,( President Changlang District Football association).
  2. Sir Tamlong Latam, (Finance Secretary, Changlang District Football association)

The guests were welcomed by Sir M. V. Ravindran( Principal VKV Kharsang School).The sprawling playground wore a festive look with colorful flags. There was four houses viz. CHANDRA SHEKHAR AZAD, BHAGAT SINGH, SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL and SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE exhibiting their grit to compete in the highest spirit of games. The sports meet was declared open by the chief guests. by lighting of torch and the beacon for the games. The flying start was given to the athletic meet by the torch bearers taking a lap of the ground with the torch and lighting the cauldron of the sports meet. An oath, to ensure fair play and true sportsmanship was administered. Sri Sambo Changmi in his speech emphasized to participate in sports and games as it inculcate good habits, confidence and discipline in the students.

In the post lunch session, students of Senior boys and girls, Sub- Senior boys and girls competed in various track and field events with zeal and zest. Sir Sambo Changmi was invited as guests to witness the meet. The guests encouraged the participants and appreciated the winners. Vote of thanks was delivered by Sir. Kamala Kant Tripathi

The entire atmosphere reverberated with the echoes of applause of the ebullient and enthusiastic athletes. The commentators with their spontaneous narration added flavor by covering the live action of sporting events. The culmination ceremony was held on November 11th  January 2022 where in the Sri. M. V. Ravindran( Principal VKV Kharsang) followed by the Prize Distribution ceremony. The Athletic Meet was declared closed by the Sri Rajendra Prasad Singh by lowering the School flag and handing over the same to the School Principal VKV Kharsang.

VKV Kharsang conducted Amrut Parivar Milan on 27th December 2021 in a befitting manner on how to become an ideal family as well as on various other aspects which the parents need to take up for the well being of the students. 

On this auspicious programme Sri Sanjay Kimsing, SSG chairman was invited as Chief guest. Sri P.M Unnikrishnan, Education Officer (Tirap, Lohit & Siang cluster) along with Sri P. Ajaya Kumar Cluster incharge  Tirap attended the programme.  A Total of 50 parents and their children participated in the programme.

The programme began with lighting of the lamp followed by Mangalacharan by students. Sri M.V Ravindran, Principal VKV Kharsang gave the welcome speech.

Session- I was taken by Sri P.M. Unnikrishnan , Education Officer ( Tirap, Lohit & Siang cluster) who  highlighted on the good parenting & strengthening of the family. He said “ Amrit Parivar is a programme to uphold the family ideals through culture and parents should take active role in fulfilling it.”

A patriotic song “Desh Hame Deta hai sab kuch” was sung by two students. It was lead and follow.

In the games session two games were played with the parents which was coordinated by Sri R.S. Patil, P.T. teacher.  The parents enjoyed the games.

Session – II was a video show- talk by Ma. Nivedita Didi.

After that Group Discussion was conducted for parents. The parents were divided into four groups and a topic “Role of parents in Nation building” was given. The time allotted was 25 minutes for discussion. One parent representative from each of the 4 groups presented the views on it. Some feedback points by parents:

  • In society based on one’s capacity, we should come out for social work.
  • Conduct blood donation camp, relief measures.
  • Be vigilant if we observe any illegal activity is going on.
  • Give time to one’s family instead of spending time in mobile.
  • Food habit of younger children to be monitored.

 Thereafter individual action plan writing by couple was done.

Sri.P Ajayakumar,Cluster incharge of Tirap cluster of Schools spoke in the concluding session. He elaborated the need for good family atmosphere for character formation.

 Finally, the programme concluded with Shanti Mantra. Lunch was arranged for all the parents.

VKV Kharsang conducted Freedom Run 2.O

VKV Kharsang hs celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi .Well arranged programme in which all the members of the school participated.

Chief Guest : Mrs.ZongsamYanchang, Zila Parishad member, Kharsang

VKV Khasang has celebrated Universal brotherhood day.



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Financial Assistance for VKVs