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International Day of Yoga was observed with complete fervour. The planning began from 25 May onwards. First we contacted the private schools in our neighbourhood. But we didn’t get a positive reply from them as all of them were planning to go for vacation from 15 June onwards. The Govt schools are just re-opening and the admission process was on

We planned to give training to selected students from the schools where our alumni members are present. Accordingly three schools were selected. Our teachers Su.Dolly Ghosh and Sri.Rebot Bharali were assigned to impart the skills. Accordingly the yogasana classes were planned from 4pm onwards. As everything was ready, there came an order from DC, saying Namsai is selected among the 200 heritage sites where IYD to be conducted. This will be attended by national leaders. All schools and offices of Namsai were asked to take part in the District level program which will be conducted at the Golden Pagoda.

It was at this time we had a thought of getting associated with the Arunachal University of Studies. They were in the midst of their exams and were worried about the program at Golden Pagoda. Then finally we decided for a common programme.

Hence the programme was finalised. Our teachers Sri. Rebot and Su.Dolly gave the necessary training and finally on they took our class VI children to the university and took part the yoga programme. From our school 20 Class students and two teachers took part in the programme. Back in school, our class III,IV and V students            attended the program.

  • Programmes conducted by VKV Namsai : 2 places. (In school & at AUS)
  • No of total participants : 82 in School and 100 (20 VKVans and 80 from AUS)

VKV Namsai Participation in Library Management workshop attended by some of  our class V students.

Chief Guest:Sir. Wathai Mossang, EAC, Namsai

Other Guest:Smt. Jayanthi Pertin. SDO, Namsai

Being an alumnus, Sri. Wathai Mossang, EAC, was all in praise of the school and offered all support at any time. The same was told by Smt Jayanthi Pertin SDO.

The program was organised at the Blooming Buds Public School, which is owned by Ng. Sujatha Namxhoom, alumnus and wife of MLA.

The program was a successful one because of the active association of the alumni members. The venue was given by Smt. Sujatha Namchoom and also sponsored the refreshment for all the guests. So also the gift for the Chief Guest and GoH we're sponsored by Timita Didi. A song presented by three students from VKV Tafrogam. Was as added attraction.

Distributed the compliments sent by Chau Zingnu Namchoom, Hon'ble MLA,There was a small cultural show by teachers, with a speech on Dr.Radha Krishnan by Nang RupashreeNamchoom, a Mushmi song by Su.Rohina Tayang and a Malayalam song by Sri. Madhu

Raksha Bandhan was celebrated with traditional fervour in VKV Namsai. The preparation began weeks ahead. We associated our parents, students from other VKVs staying in Namsai and  alumni members in this endeavour. Hence we could reach the houses of all our 182 students. For them also it was a unique experience. Thus 546 Rakhis were made available for the children and their family members. 
Apart from that ,a gathering of alumni members was arranged in our school. The program began at 10.00am. All the members present tied Rakhis to each other, after the ceremonial tying to Swamiji. Rakhis were tied to all the trees and plants near the school building. Sri.Deepankar Dey highlighted the importance of the day. The alumni members reciprocated their gratitude with a good quantity of sweets and all left after enjoying it.
The principal gave thanks to all those alumni members who were instrumental in making the Rakhis. They were, Smt.Timita ,Dr.Sheelavati,Smt.Upasaka,Smt.Ranjeeta and Smt Khetrani.
As per the tradition the meeting began with Aikya mantra and concluded with Shanti Mantra.

VKV Namsai joined all the branch centres of Vivekananda Kendra across the country with complete fervour in celebrating the 75th Independence Day of the nation.The program began with the National Flag hoisting at 7.15 am. There were:

  • National Anthem by all teaching and non teaching staff,
  • Speech by the Principal highlighting the sacrifice of the great freedom fighters and
  • A patriotic song “Desh Hame Deta Sub Kuch”

Apart from the staff members of the vidyalaya, the programme was attended by the construction workers in the campus, some alumni members and a few children from the neighbourhood.Altogether 22 members attended the function following the covid protocol


Gurupurnima was celebrated with complete fervour in VKV Namsai.

The planning for this was done weeks ahead and accordingly plans were made to associate alumni members, selected parents and students. Accordingly some responsibilities were shared by Smt. Timita Didi, Mocambo Sir, Chow Tichanam Ji , Chow Mowni Singkai and Chow Arvind Jeinow.

 Initially it was decided to organise the function at Arunachal University incorporating some students from there also. But the ban on gathering declared by the Disaster Management Body made us to go with another plan. Hence it was decided to go with the programme in our school itself. As the days were passing , the temple authorities announced the Gurupurnima celebration on 23rd July itself. Earlier it happened later or ahead of the Purnima day.

 Although it would be day with tight schedule, we planned accordingly and our programme was scheduled accordingly. As per that our programme began at 11 am enabling the students and alumni members to complete their temple visit. But some of them started coming from 9 am onwards as they had to go to faraway places.

Our programme began with Aikya mantra. Chow Tichanam Singkai gave the welcome address. Then there was a Guru bhajan by our teachers. It was followed by our students, alumni members and available parents. Then Sri. Madhu Bal said about the importance of the day. In addition to that a Swadhyaya was initiated and all participated in that. The   letter sent by Adareeniya Nivedita Didi was put for discussion. The need of keeping alive the Dharma and the need to knowing the true Dharma was taken up for detailed learning. After this one more Guru bhajan was sung by our students. After that our teacher Sri.Deepankar Dey gave the vote of thanks.

 All the members who attended the function left after enjoying the splendid kheer offered from the school. 22 persons attended the program and 8 persons came early to offer pranams to AUM.

 Simultaneously a drawing competition was organised for the students of our school. They were asked to draw picture of “the OMKARA or Lord Buddha”.

 The Guru Purnima celebration thus made a new beginning in our vidyalaya

The programme was conducted in association with the VKV Alumni association, Namsai. The program began at 9.30 am with aikya mantra.Sri.Vishnu Manwai gave the welcome address. As it was the culmination of the ‘Samarth Bharat Parva’, there were the singing of the ‘Vande Mataram’ and Bharat Mata Arati. The Principal, Sri.Madhu Bal, in his speech, highlighted the various points which glorify the efficient India. For the last 19 days we were collectively meditating on the point ‘Samarth Bharat’ and today is the culmination of the programme.Some of the alumni members attended the programme with their children, who were also VKV students.  It was a wonderful moment when the VKV Tafrogam students  sang some patriotic songs along with their parents and friends.Chow Mowney Singkai gave the vote of thanks. The programme concluded with Shanti mantra.There was a light refreshment programme also. The alumni members offered a plantation drive in the campus during the next rainy season.



Financial Assistance for VKVs

Financial Assistance for VKVs