18th of February 2017 was an important day for the VKV Koloriang. Due to constant effort of VKV Koloriang, Disaster Management Team of Kurung Kumey responded a mock drill programme in VKV Koloriang. 12th Battalion of National Disaster Response Force from Itanagar, actively showed a mock drill and made all aware of the management during disaster time. The programme started at 9.40 A.M at school playground.

The following were the activities that took place...

Sl No


Resource person


Introduction of  awareness programme

Smt. Toku Natung, DDMO, Kurung Kumey


Introduction of NDRF, full form, HQ, branches, purpose of this force,

Shri Gyana Nand Shah, Inspector NDRF


Methods of Evacuation, different types of first aid, equipments of NDRF 

Shri Rana Kumar, Sub Inspector NDRF


Vote of thank

Principal VKV Koloriang

Number of participant in the programme- 280(Students & Teachers)

The programme was very informative, practical and essential for all. All activities were demonstrated first and then let students to practice the exercise by doing himself or herself. All enthusiastically participated and learnt many techniques of evacuation & first aid. There was also an interaction session where students and NDRF team interacted.

All resource persons encouraged everyone to be aware & save lives. The programme ended with vote of thank by Principal VKV Koloriang at 12.45 P.M.




Financial Assistance for VKVs

Financial Assistance for VKVs