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A Brief Report on “Matri Puja”

Venue Assembly Hall of VKV, Ziro
Time 11.00 AM – 02.00 PM
Attendance 59 Students of Class-X, 59 Mothers and 14 Fathers
Program Coordination Class – IX Hostellers (Boys)
Coordinators Sri. Jai Prasad Jaishi and Smt. Hage Monya
Particulars of Program:
Mangalacharan Class – X Girls (Hostellers)
Welcome The Principal, VKV, Ziro
Significance of the Day Smt. Rita Raj, The Principal, VKV, Yazali
Conducted By Sri. Satya Narayan Pandey, Teacher, VKV, Yazali
Sharing from the Guest (Smt. Rita Didi):
- Mother - The first teacher
- She sacrifices everything for the welfare of her children
- Mother is the living God
- Shared the stories on mother
(a) Lord Ganesha gone around the Shiva-Parvati, when there was a competition between Ganesha and Subramanya for revolving around the world (means World=Parents; Parents=World)
(b) The mother who gave away her heart to son's ladylove (means that Mother will always show unconditional love)
- Be sensitive while behaving with mother; Understanding her is most important
Sharing from mothers:
- It is an unique program organised only in VKVs
- It is a good platform/moment for children to understand their parents
- The students get the blessings of their parents and teachers here
- Work hard to get good grades, which will give/help students to get going in their lives, will make the parents and teachers proud and will bring laurals to the institution
- Students should understand the pain taken by parents and teachers
- We parents keep supporting students, the teachers have completed their syllabi before time, now it is students' turn to perform and show
Sharing from students:
- Two students came forward and No significant sharing from them ..