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Prachodaya Shibir conducted - VKV Sunpura

One day  Prachodaya Shibir has been organised in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Sunpura from 8.30 am to  6.00 pm  in presence of Shri. Baburam Chaitomji member of School Supporting Group as a chief guest, Shri. Pradip Kumar Pandey CIC Lohit cluster and Shri. A Krishnan sir Principal VKV Roing. Total 68 students were participated including day scholars students of class IX and X. total 6 sessions were conducted on this occasion briefed as followed.

1) Session I (inaugural session)

     In this session there was the welcome address delivered by Principal Shri. Balaji N Waghmare in which he welcome the all invitees and felicitated all the guest with Gamchha and token of love. After this Smt. Anjani Rai teacher of our school highlighted the’ importance of Prachodaya for students” . She spoke about  the values infused by Kendra in students ommunity.Shri. Baburamji Chaitom advised students to follow and to obey their teachers. Have the respect for teacher and give the importance to the education.

2) Session II

    This session was taken by Shri. A Krishnan Sir the Principal of VKV Roing. In this session he Spoke on the topic “students of modern age; opportunity and challenge.” He addressed  to   the students about the modern electronic gadgets advantages and disadvantages. He also presented PPT slide on the given topic. He warned students against the danger of imitation of western culture. After this Shri. Pradip Kumar Pandey sir CIC of Lohit cluster addressed student on the given Topic ‘Kendra activities and its impact on the life of students of Arunachal Pradesh’. In his speech he emphasizes on the various activities taken by the Kendra for the welfare of Arunachalli people and students. He also reminded the main motto of Kendra i.e. Man  making and Nation Building. He added that Vivekanada Kendra is a purely spiritually oriented service mission which is imparting the moral values in the students to facilitate the preservation of our indigenous culture.

  1. Session III

This session was taken by the Shri. Lokeshor Singh mathematics teacher of Vivekananda   Kendra Vidyalaya Sunpura. He explained the geometrical Pythagoras theorem i.e. square    of the hypotenuse of right angle is equal to the sum of the square of the remaining two     sides side. For this he conducted paper activity in which he provided four colour papers to   each group. Students participated actively and enjoyed it. They proved The Pythagoras   theorem with this activity.  Another session was conducted by Su.Payal Sen on the allotted topic ‘effective communication through English language’. In this session she emphasized on the  importance of flawless spoken English. She stated that to improve the  spoken English in a better way and effective communication students should be able to   use mainly four skill i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. After this session lunch    break  was given.

  1. Session IV

      This session was conducted by Su. Kiran Barla (S.Studies Teacher) on the given topic ‘   career after class 10’ In this session she explained to the students regarding  career option after    class 10 very beautifully with the help of power point presentation. She stated the  various      career options for students in various subject stream such as arts, science and commerce. She also suggested all the students required skilled for the relevant career stream. She conducted the activity with the help of handout. This session was followed by the session of Smt. Ranjeeta Chanu science teacher who conducted the very interesting experiments of chemistry subject. Her experiment involved the pH of Acid, base and salt, chemical reaction of double decomposition and litmus test of the substances. She carried  the experiment of sodium sulphate and barium chloride.For another subject that is biology Shri. Balaji N Waghmare shown the video of small sized animals with special and wonderful adaptive features.

  1. Session- V (Krida Session) This session was taken by Shri. Ashokji Atle Purnkalin karyakarta who was introduced by the Shri. Jairam Yadav, the Sutra Sanchalak (anchor) of the Shibir.He conducted very nice games for all students. In this session all teachers were also participated.   All the teachers and students enjoyed this session.

      6.Session VI (concluding session)

In this session students were asked to share their experience of the Shibir. Two students one from class 9 (day scholar) and one from class 10 shared their wonderful experience   What they got during various session. They given positive feedback of the Prachodaya Shibir. After the sharing of experience Shri. Pradip Kumar Pandey Sir was asked to address for concluding speech. In his address he advised the students not to forget the  things what they learnt in all session. He also added that all the activities taken in all VKV  are very beneficial to all students. They need to use this in proper way.  Session was ended at 6.00 pm with Kendra Prayer.



Teachers Parents Meeting Conducted - VKV Sunpura

   Teachers parents meeting for the class VIII,IX,X has been conducted in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Sunpura on 07/07/2019 at 10 am in prayer hall. Total 65 parents were reported.It was started with invocation by class X students and Shri. Pradip Kumar Pandey cluster in Charge of Lohit was present to guide the parents meeting. Shri. Pradip Kumar pandey spokes on the’ Vivekananda Kendra and its activities’  in which he thrown light on the various activitieand contribution of Kendra in the development of Arunachal Pradesh specially in the field of Education, culture etc. He also elaborated the massive Message of Swami Vivekananda for Youth.He also added that how parents can contribute in the preservation of our indigenous culture while  rearing their children.

 Class teachers of class VIII, IX and X highlighted their performance of respective classes in Academic as well as non academic area with their action plans for the session 2019-20  Essence of the views and feedback given by few parents in the meeting (5 Parents) is as follows.

  1.    School should have academic counselor and teachers should know how to create interest in all Subjects among all students especially class 10 students
  1. out of syllabus knowledge also can be given to the students
  2. more efforts for mathematics and science can be taken to enhance the respective subject comprehension.
  1. students should know more geographical knowledge of india
  2. there should be more emphasis on the improvement of grammatical knowledge of language
  3. each and every teacher should know how to develop the emotional aspect of every child
  4. to have more emotional stability school should teach the students how to meditate and do self Contemplation
  1. development of spiritual aspect should be also taken care
  2. being a girl residential school safety and security measures should be very strong
  3. smart classes should be started (provision of audio-video learning)

 At last, in the response to the feedback and review of parents,  principal explained to the parents the various activities which are conducted in the school throught the whole session such as special classes for NTSE, SMS, and NMMS, daily Yoga and Suryanamaskar, Pragya Vikas G.K Quiz competition, monthly and weekly test, science seminar, science congress and science exhibition, cultural activities for the all round development of the students

International Yoga Day @ VKV Sunpura

International Yoga Day celebrated in VKV Sunpura

Patriotic Song Competition  - VKV Sunpura

We conducted house wise patriotic song competition for Junior and senior group.
All four houses participated in this competition.

International Yoga Day - VKV Sunpura

  1. All the hostellers and day scholars were participated in this programme.
  2. It was conducted on the internal road of school campus near Shiva temple.
  3. Programme was started with prayer that is Sahana vavathu (Aikya Mantra).
  4. Total participants were 300 including day scholar students as well as staff.
  5. After Aikya Mantra 5 standing posture yogasanans has been demonstrated.
  6. Standing posture yogasanas were followed sitting posture yogasana thereafter pranayama.
  7. In standing posture yogasana we have been practiced Tadasana, Vrikshasana, ardhakati chakrasana, Trikonasana and Padahastasana.
  8. In sitting posture we have practiced Vajrasana , Vakrasana, Shasankasana, Ushtrasana , etc.
  9. In Pranayama we have demonstrated Bhramari and anulom vilom .
  10. Before beginning of asanas we have just observed loosening exercises.
  11. The ending of this programme was finished with shanti mantra.
  12. During demonstration some important benefits of asanas and pranayama has been explained to the participants.

We have been planned to start regular Yoga Varga in nearby Government school.