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The international yoga day 2022 was celebrated on 21st June at EMRS Bana.

Shri. Kale Degio, PGT, Government Higher Secondary School, Bana was the Chief Guest of the program and Shri. S.K Singh, PRT, Government Middle School, Bana also attended the program.

The celebration started with ‘Prabhat Pheri’ at 6.30 am at Bana Bazaar.  The students and staff of EMRS, Bana, Government Higher Secondary School, Bana and Government Middle School, Bana participated in it with Yoga slogans and band.

The formal celebration started at 7.30 am with prayer in school prayer hall where the students of above mentioned schools gathered and performed yoga and asanaas followed by the  students and staff of our vidyalaya. The program was conducted in two phases and was  coordinated by Shri. Rahul Subahsh Wagh and Shri. Hari Prasad Sharma.

The program ended with Sankalpa and Shanti Path by all the participants.

Total Participants: 143 (EMRS Students – 58, Teacher – 8, Non-Teaching Staff – 3, Nearby Students – 72, Teachers – 2)

On 27th December 2021 with immense blessing and grace of Swami Vivekananda, Ekalavya Model Residential School Bana team successfully organised the Cluster Level Gita Chanting Competition 2021 of Kameng Cluster,  the most in enchanting way.

The cluster Level round witnessed competition among 17 Groups from 7 different schools - VKV kitpi Tawang, VKV Mukto, VKV shergnon, VKV Chayang Tajo, VKV wessang, VKV kimi,  apart from the hosts – EMRS Bana. Chapter I, Arjunavishadayoga  of Srimad Bhagavad Gita  was selected as the topic for the Competition.

The Completion was held under categories C and D and was judged by Sri. Krishna Kumar sir, Member VKVAPT, Sri. Bhisma Arjel, Teacher of VKV Shergnon, Sri Ayan BhattaCharya,  Teacher of  VKV Mukto and Su Pori Lama, Teacher of  VKV Kitpi Tawang.

The total number of participants for the competition was 68. The competition started at 10 am. The whole atmosphere vibrated with the divine energy originating from the chantings by the  blessed participants. The programme continued till 2.00 pm. followed by the grand Prize distribution function. The event concluded at 2:30 PM.

The Presence of Pujya Guruji Sri Samananda Giri, Veda Math, Madhya Pradesh made a very positive impact. One could feel the warmth, affection, love and compassion in his holy presence. The words of Pujya Guruji that "every participant is a winner” made all the 68 participant feel like a winner.

The chief guest of the programme, Sri Raban Rangmo, Principal ,Govt HS School, Bana appreciated theorganisation for conducting such competition which helps in preserving and promoting our cultural heritage. The program was also attended by Sri S Muralidharan sir, Education Officer cum Cluster in charge of Kameng Cluster. His words of praise, motivated the students as well as the participants. He opined that "Gita should not only be read but it should also be lived"

The details of the Winners are as follows

Group-C (Boys)  1st Position:  VKV Chayang Tajo

                      2nd Position: VKV Mukto

Group-C (Girls)  1st Position : VKV Kitpi Tawang

                      2nd Position: VKV Chayang Tajo

Group D (Boys) 1st Position : EMRS Bana

                       2nd Position: VKV Shergaon

Group D (Girls)  1st Position : VKV Kitpi Tawang

                       2nd  Position : EMRS Bana


Gita Jayanti was celebrated in a brief and befitting manner at EMRS BANA. Gita chanting competition and Quiz competition based on Gita and Mahabharata was conducted. Prize distribution was done for the winner participant. The programme was conducted in the prayer hall. All the students and staff members were present in the programme.

Children's Day Celebration was done with great enthusiasm and the students of Vidyalaya performed many cultural programmes.

The celebration of Gandhi Jayanti was well planned. The incharge of the program managed everything perfectly. The celebration of Gandhi Jayanti was done in EMRS Bana today. All the student and staff of school participated in the programme. Sweet was distributed to all.

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated in EMRS Bana in grand way. A statue of lord Ganesha was prepared by Bhaiyas. All the staff and family members were present.

Chief Guest:Pimai Sopung, Gaon Burah, New Sopung Village, Bana

Universal Brotherhood Day was celebrated in EMRS Bana. The students and parents were present along with the school staff. 



Financial Assistance for VKVs

Financial Assistance for VKVs