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On 21st June 2022, VKV Raga observed “ International Yoga Day”. The theme for this year was “ Yoga For Humanity” .

 All the students of classes 6-8 participated in the programme. Along with the Vkvians the students of Hutto Middle School also joined . All the students were excited and participated with full energy in the programme. Various yoga asanas were demonstrated and maximum of them were able to do in a proper way . Asanas like setubandha asana, ardha halasana , makarasan, bhujangasan,ardha utarasana ,etc were practiced.

 The demonstration part was taken up by Shri . Milanta Kumar Dutta and the instructions part was done by Shri. Shyam Gautam. Along with this the benefits of yoga was also being told to the students and the asanas they could practice for increasing their concentration level.

All the teachers and students participated in the programme with great enthusiasm and passion. Shri. Kabak chibi , a karyakarta of Bharatiya Janata party joined us for observing yoga day. 

After observing yoga day in the school premise all the participants proceeded to nidar namlo where another programme was going on for celebrating the yoga day , there also everyone participated .

The day filled everyone with positive vibes and also created an awareness regarding yoga and  it’s health benefits.

Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

On 5th June 2022 VKV Raga celebrated 49th World Environment Day in a befitting way. All the students of classes 5 to 8 were asked to assemble in the school playground and after that the cleaning drive was initiated by Shri. Durga Bahadur sonar . All the students were filled with enthusiasm and energy . Along with all the teaching and non – teaching staff the cleaning and the plantation programme was conducted with full effectiveness. Students brought flower saplings from their homes and planted near temple and infront of the principal’s office . The programme concluded at 11:30 am .

VKV RAGA celebrated ‘Samarth Bharat parv’ in a befitting way. It was inaugurated on 25th December in presence of our respected CIC shri K. Jaishankar sir, shri Raju Mishra gave an insightful speech on the importance of Samarth Bharat. Shri K. Jaishankar sir, also gave a beautiful speech was both inspiring and motivating.

Later, in connection with ‘Samarth Bharat parv’, all the teachers delivered speech in the assembly on different topics. Also ‘The Vande Mataram’ and ‘Bharat Mata Aarti’ was sung in the assembly till 11th January. Also, after ‘Shayam Kalin Prarthna’ the ‘Bharat Mata Aarti’ was chanted.

Another motive undertaken in association with the ‘Parva’ was that the younger generation should know about swami Vivekananda, Eknath ji and the works done by them. The importance of Vivekananda Kendra should be known to the common people. The initiative to spread the message of Eknath ji and Swami ji as well as the objective of Vivekananda Kendra was undertaken by shri. Raju Mishra. He went to three school i.e. Government High Secondary, Government Middle School and Hutto Middle School. First, the video was shown to the students and later explained. Later, a quiz competition was conducted in each school, the winner were felicitated with prizes on 12th January. 

The library week was inaugurated on 19th November , along with Sadhana Diwas - Janma Mahotsav of Mananeeya Eknathji.
All the students were issued books for presenting book reviews. Book review are being presented by the students of class Vlll daily , as per their roll number in the assembly.
Thus, very effectively and beautifully the library week was celebrated in our school till 26th November. All the students and teachers took active participation in the celebration . Some selected students presented story in the assembly. The book fair was arranged in the ground and class-wise the students came and enjoyed reading the books.

Folowing activites were carried out during the library week :

Classes 4-5 Book review writing competition
Classes 6-8 Shlokas chanting
All clases Book fair
classes 1-3 Story writing competition

On the occasion of 51st  birthday of Vivekananda Rock Memorial which is a national memorial and also the Perennial source of inspiration to all . The following activities were undertaken by the teachers of VKV Raga .

Chapter-wise swadhyay of the story of the Rock Memorial:           

The  swadhyaya started from 13th September and continued upto 28th September. All the teachers were assigned one chapter each . Various points were discussed and many facts came into focus after going through the chapters .

Preparation Of Chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions:

 Two groups consisting of four members were formed . And each group framed 10 questions i.e. all together 20 questions were framed.

 Organising Quiz At The school :

  A quiz competition was conducted on 16th November  in which  all the teachers took part individually. Each one of them performed well. 

  Smt. Seema Mishra was the time keeper and su. Madhuri Baitha  was the quiz master .


The annual sports meet commenced on 13th November and lasted till 14th November. The inauguration was done at 9am by the chief guest shri . S. Muralidharan sir , E.O., VKVAPT. He addressed the students and conveyed his best wishes to the students .   After the inauguration ceremony , the games began under the guidance of the teachers. The participants were all the students of classes I to VIIl. Further the students were divided into three groups i.e sub- junior (classes 1-3), junior (clases 4-5) and senior (classes 6-8). On 13th the venue was our school play ground and on 14th the venue was shifted to ‘Nyokum Yullo Ground Yada ' . On 14th we  celebrated children’s day as well. After the completion of football tournament and other games , our students cleaned the ground as well. The sports meet ended beautifully . The overall in-charge of the programme was Milanta Kumar Dutta (Sports Teacher VKV Raga)

VKV Raga has celebrated Gandhi Jayanti .All teacher's participated while cleaning campus,Celebrated proper mannar with pre-plane

VKV Raga has celebrated Ganesh chaturti .The programme was celebrated with enjoy and attractive manner.



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Financial Assistance for VKVs