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Dated on: 6th Feb 2020::: VKV Itanagar conducted the Matru Puja for the students and parents of Class-X. At 3.00 pm. Class-X students received their mothers / fathers to the prayer hall after washing the feets of their parents. It was noticed that such an holy task was done by the students for the first time in the thier life and it could touch their heart. Out of 70 students a total number of 48 parents of 48 students were present.

All the parents offered flowers in front of OM and then they were taken to the prayer hall after the Tilak. Shri. Pankaj Kumar started the programme with invocation followed by the Welcome address from Dr. Kakade Rajendra Chhagan , Principal, VKV- Itanagar. He also introduced Ms. Kharmu Chotten Legal Advisor, State Women Commission (VKV Alumna), Shri. Giamde Tamin Secretary General VKV Alumani Association, Shri. S. C. Dixit, Education Officer VKV APT

After this, Shri. S. C. Dixit spoke to the participants about the significance of the Matru Puja. In his elaborative speech he explained the role of a mother for the growth of a child with some interesting facts. Ms. Kharmu Chotten also shared her nostalgic experience of VKV routine.

It was followed by the instructions from Shri. J. P. Mishra for beginning of Matru Puja. The complete puja was conducted as per the guidelines. The whole procedure of puja was performed by the parents and students from the inner-core of their heart, which was visible from their facial expression.

At the end of Puja, We received heart melting feedbacks from the parents and students. Most of the students said that it was a wonderful experience for them and for the first time they could understand the sacfrices of their parents for the colourful future of them. During their talk it was noticed that the eye were wet and were lacking words to express their deep feelings.

The whole decoration of the prayer hall was done by Shri. Harinath Upadhyaya.

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