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 International Day of Yoga Celebrations

VKV Dollungmukh celebrated International Day of Yoga, which is a global celebration for the consecutive third year after its inception in 2015. It was celebrated in an enthusiatic and cheerful way with a prior rehearsal by the involvement of the entire family of the Vidyalaya.

The celebration initiated with the significance of the day speech delivered by Sri. R.Murugan the Principal of the Vidyalaya. He highlighted the importance of Yoga in one’s life since time immemorial and the global significance gained in the current era which had brought a great pride to Bharat Mata. The entire practice comprised of Loosening Exercises, Asanas, Suryanamaskar and Pranayama. All the students of both the hostellers and the day scholars and the teaching staff of the Vidyalaya participated very actively. Sri. Jang Bahadur  Sonar instructed and demonstrated the steps to the audience for a better performance. The total attendance was 115 in which 112 were the students of the Vidyalaya.