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Universal Brotherhood Day Celebration- 2020

The school has celebrated Universal Brotherhood Day in a befitting manner by following SOPs of the government in the academic building. The programme started at 8:30 am with Mangalacharan. The welcome speech was made by Sri Madan Kumar Sarkar, principal of the vidyalaya and he has also requested the parents to monitor their wards so that they should not go in the wrong track while using mobile phone at the time of online classes. The programme was graced by the five guests Sri Jumkar Dabi (Manager NHPC),Sri Bengia Goma (Senior Manager NHPC), Sri Rotom Tape ( Well Wisher and Neighbour of the Vidyalaya), Sri Kojum Bini (Gaon Buda)and Sri Bini Leli (Donyi Polo Priest). Sri Madan Kumar Sarkar, principal of the vidyalaya felicitated all the guests. The significance of the day was highlighted by Sri Abhishek Kumar Tiwari, Hindi teacher of the vidyalaya. A patriotic song has been sung in a group by Sri Nandalal Sharma, Sri Anil Barman, Sri Gobin Basnet and Sri Plabom Patir. Online competition of Chicago Speech, Story Telling, Poem Recitation and Thought Presentation for all the students were conducted in the occasion of Universal Brotherhood Day and the best one has been presented in the projector. At last there was a speech from Sri Bengia Goma, guest of the programme. The vote of thanks was given by Sri Nandalal Sharma, teacher of the Vidyalaya. The programme was concluded with Shanti Mantra.

Just after the programme, all the teaching staff had attended the google meet addressed by Mananeeya A. Balakrishnanji, all India President of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari .

Report of Teacher`s Day Celebration

 The school has celebrated Teacher`s Day on 05.09.2020. The programme was conducted at the entrance of the academic building. The programme started just after the school assembly at 9:20am.The importance of the day was highlighted by Shri Arvind Kumar Sharma, Mathematics teacher of the Vidyalaya.  Shri M.K. Sarkar principal of the vidyalaya also highlighted few words about the importance of teacher`s day and he also expressed his gratitude to all the teachers for being successfully participating in the written quiz on Sadhana of Service.  The students wished all the teachers by sending poster through WhatsApp. All the teaching staff and two of the non-teaching staff members participated in the programme. The programme was concluded by National anthem.

Report of National Sports Day Observation

 The school has observed National Sports Day on 29.08.2020.The programme started at 10 am in the academic building with three Omkaras . Shri M.K. Sarkar Principal VKV Dollungmukh lighted up the lamp. The importance of the day was highlighted by Shri Ranjan Chaudhary, sports teacher of the Vidyalaya. A friendly volleyball match had been played among the teachers and the bhaiyas.

Report of Independence Day Celebration 


The school has celebrated Independence Day in the academic block. The programme started at 7:30 am by hoisting the national flag by Sri Nandalal Sharma (Senior Teacher) of the Vidyalaya. All the members of VKV Dollungmukh family had sung the national anthem with national spirit. The importance of the day was highlighted by Shri Nandalal Sharma. Following team members played the role of freedom fighters during the celebration.

  1. Shri Anil Barman (Teacher) (Subash Chandra Bose)
  2. Shri Nirendra Bora (Gr.IV)             (Lachit Borphukan)
  3. Shri Ranjit Bora (Gr.IV)             (Bhagat Singh)   

Annual Sports and Cultural Meet Celebrated - VKV Dollungmukh

VKV Dollungmukh had its Annual Sports and Cultural Meet for the current school session, from 03.01.2019 – 04.01.2019 to bring out the physical potentialities hidden in the students.The two days long programme which is an annual event was formally inaugurated by Sri. Nitish Kumar Tomar, the Deputy Commandant of Central Industrial Security

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