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Geetha Jayanti Celebration - VKV Tezu

Gita Jayanti is one of the important and meaningful utsavs of VKVs to commemorate the birth of the Holy Scripture Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The day was celebrated in our school with great devotion and dedication. Dr. Padmavati Onge, the Assistant Professor, IGG College was the Chief Guest cum Guest Speaker to grace the occasion. The programme began with the lighting of the lamp accompanied by invocation prayer, followed by welcome address by Sri S.K Behera Principal the school. After that Sri Uttam Kumar Patel, Assistant Techer of VKV Tezu, threw light on the importance of Gita in our daily life and appealed everyone to read and follow Gita for better life in this competitive life. Moreover, he also highlighted the past achievements of India in various fields and what India can do in future, if they determine. He also indicated that Samarth Bharat is not only a word but it is the reality of Indians and appealed our students to be determined to add glory in our future. The programme proceeded by gita chanting by the students and Prize distribution by the chief guest.

Followed by the speech of chief gust, Dr. Padmavati Onge, assistant professor in Hindi, IGG College, Tezu She expressed her gratitude to VKV Tezu for giving her an opportunity to attend the Gita Jayanti celebration. She said that Gita is very useful for our life. It is not only a religious text, but it is a guide to lead our life in proper manner. She said that the importance of Gita is very relevant in today’s modern world. Dr. Padmavati Onge expressed her concern for today’s materialistic world, people are slowly getting detached from own culture and losing faith in spirituality. Referring to what Lord Shri Krishna said in Gita, she said that Shri Krishna has given much emphasis in “Kartavya-Bodh” or responsibility. She told that according to Gita, responsibility has been classified into three types- personal, family and social responsibility.

                 Addressing the students present, she said that the foremost personal responsibility of a student is to study well. Further she told the students that they are very lucky to get an opportunity to study in prestigious institutes like VKVs, where moral education is given highest importance, besides quality education. Dr. Padmavati Onge advised the students to be serious about their studies and to be very careful so that they are not misguided to the wrong path. She cautioned the children not to misuse the mobile phones while attending online classes. She also advised the students not to break down emotionally and mentally, if they don’t get the desired marks in the board exams. She encouraged them to keep courage and try again and again and overcome the hurdle of life.

                 While referring to Samarth Bharat Mission, Dr. Padmavati urged the children to contribute in their own way to make our nation great, after they pass out from the school. They can do so by being a good citizen, she said. The aim of celebration is to make people aware of various facts of the holy book and its perpetual influence on human kind. We are successful to some extend to do the same in this pandemic. There was 100 attendance including students, parents and teachers