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Universal Brotherhood Day Celebrated - VKV Tezu

The Universal Brotherhood Day, commemorating the historic Chicago address of Swami Vivekananda in the World Parliament of Religion on 11th September, 1893, was celebrated in befitting manner by VKV Tezu. The programme was conducted at GHSS auditorium, Tezu.

Sri Sunny Singh (IAS), AC, Lohit District, Tezu was the Chief Guest of the function and Guest of Honour Sri Mejum Lego, Principal GHSS, Tezu.

The programme commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by Chief Guest with invocation prayer by students.

The welcome address was given by Sri Suresh Kr Behera, Principal, VKV Tezu. He extended his warm welcome to the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and all the parents/guardians, teachers and students of VKV Tezu. In his school report he highlighted the achievements of the school and sought the cooperation and support from parents and society to march forward.

Thereafter a patriotic song was sung by the children as welcome song.

An excerpt of the Chicago address by Swamiji was presented by Kr Sayan Phukan of class IX. Sri Uttam Kr Patel, a teacher of VKV Tezu, spoke briefly about the significance of the day and highlighted the mission and vision of Swamiji, his clarion call to the world of religion, tolerance and brotherhood and 50 years of celebration of Vivekananda Rock Memorial, a yearlong programme (Ek Bharat Vijayee Bharat) for Sampark Abhiyan.

In his speech, the Chief Guest of the function said that the ideas and principles of Swamiji is still relevant at present context. “He is an inspiration for the youth and need to entertain in one’s life to be perfect human being”, he advises.

The Guest of Honour GHSS also brought to light about Swamiji’s mutual tolerance and religious acceptance. He also advises the youth to imbibe the ethos of Swamiji to be a better citizen.

The Principal Suresh Kr Behra, VKV Tezu, said that the school has been brought up through thick and thin from class III in the year 2010 and today it has upgraded majestically up to class X with overall students of 400 in numbers. He farther extended gratitude to all stakeholders, well-wishers, parents, administrators and staffs for their holistic support for the overall development of the school.

On this occasion, children of VKV Tezu presented various cultural items like shits presentation on social evils, on conservation and promotion of trees, Swamiji’s journey to Chicago, presentation of patriotic songs, and both classical and traditional dance by the students.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Sri Nitai Bera, teacher of VKV Tezu.

Prachodaya Shibir Conducted - VKV Tezu

Prachodaya Shibir, a one day camp was conducted on 8th August 2019 at VKV Tezu. The shibir was organised for the students of class IX & X of the school. There were 51 students, 14 teachers and 6 resource persons participated in this day long motivational and inspiring camp. There was Kendra Varga at 8 am before the formal inauguration of the shibir, by Sri Ashok Ataleji & VK Arunjyoti karyakartas. Smt. Pime Keche, EAC, Lohit Dist. Tezu and Sri P K Pandey CIC, Lohit Vibhag graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour. Both of the esteemed guests were also resource persons to guide and inspire the camp participants on their given topics.

Sri Suresh Kr Behera, Principal of the school felicitated both the resource guests followed by shibir geet, led by Sri Uttam kr Patel, a teacher of the school. On his welcome address the Principal explained the objective of the shibir. While welcoming the Chief Guest, he introduced her to the students and briefly narrated her achievement throughout her career. He informed the gathering that this shibir was very important and beneficial for the students.

The 1st session was addressed by Smt. Pime Keche, EAC, Tezu who had been the Chief Guest of the programme. She spoke on the topic ‘APSE Officer’s Success Story’. She advised the students to study hard and concentrate on one’s subject of interest, whether it is Science or Arts stream. He also urged them to inculcate reading habit so that knowledge in various field can be gained. She told them to devote their maximum time in studies till 25 to 26 years, after which the life would be successful and they can enjoy the rest of their life.

After this beautiful interaction session, there was tea break. The 2nd session was taken Dr. Sukanta Kr Pradhan, Assistant Professor of IGG College, Tezu, on the topic ‘Inspiration, Enlightenment and Ignite’. He urged the students to get inspired from the life of great persons like Swami Vivekananda. He advised them to respect their parents, who are the first teachers of them when they were children. One has to learn to obey one’s teaches as they are the ones who show him the path of knowledge and enlightenment, he said. He further said that failure is the pillar of success and one should not stop if one fails in the examination.

3rd session was for an Army Personnel, Sri Raghuveer Nayak, Subedar TIFC, who spoke on the topic “I Believe In Me: Self Confidence”. He advised the students to have confidence in self and belief that “I can do it”. He encouraged the students to never lose self confidence and say that – “I cannot do it or I do not know”. Rather you should attempt to solve the problem by adopting different ways and means. He said that success is not permanent, nor failure is final. At the same time, he warned the students of over confidence, which was a negative habit. He said that tough time never lasts, but changes. To bring home the point that nothing is impossible and that where there is a will there is a way, he showed a short motivational video clip of Maheshwari.

4th Session was followed by lunch break. In this session ‘Career Counselling” the resource person was Sri Vijay Shankar Das, Leader, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, IC of North East & J & K region. He informed the students about the various options available for pursuing higher studies. He also informed the students that in today’s modern world, career options are limitless. One should prepare hard to face the challenges and choose the best career which suits the person. He also encouraged students to go for entrepreneurship i.e. self employment, instead of depending on govt. Jobs.

Krida Yoga session was conducted by Sri Ashim Saikia, a teacher of the school, explaining and making them understand the various techniques and methodologies to play football, volleyball and athletic events. There was tea and snakes break, followed by feedback from the participants. The students gave their opinion and feedback about the shibir. It was very useful to them. They insisted to have 2 days instead of a single day. They were much benefited from all the guidance given by the resource guests especially for career choosing.

In the valedictory session Sri P K Pandey, CIC advised the students to follow the suggestions and counselling given by the resource persons for their bright future. He said that this is the right time to decide about their future goals. In addition to this he threw the light upon Vivekananda Kendra and its activities in Arunachal Pradesh as well as across the country and 50 years of celebration of Vivekananda Rock Memorial. The programme ended with the shanti mantra and Kendra Prayer

20 years of Kargil Vijay Diwas observed - VKV Tezu

To commemorate the contributions of Indian armed forces and to pay homage to the martyrs in Kargil War in 1999, VKV Tezu observed the day with 364 Sata Battery (Indian Army) , Shivaji Nagar, Tezu on 24th July between 12 noon to 2 pm.  26th July is marked the victory of Indian Army over Pakistan in Kargil War. Major S. Mishra and his team conducted a lecture session with the senior students and teachers of the school. The awareness programme evolves with inspiring lecture, video clips of Kargil War, interaction with students and career counselling in Indian Defence Service by Major S Mishra and his assistant. The programme could throw the light of patriotism for Bharat Mata and respect & honour for Indian Army. The immeasurable bravery and sacrifice of Indian soldiers provoked the young minds of the school through this celebration


                                                                          Guru Purnima Celebrated - VKV Tezu

              Guru Purnima, one of VKVs meaningful programmes observed at VKV Tezu on 16th July, 2019 with an aim to uphold            Guru shisya tradition. Students and teacher spoke on the occasion in the morning assembly followed by floral tribute to OM.         There was guru vandana and guru bhajan in the school assembly. The main theme of the delegation was on the Massage of         Man. Nivedita Didi, the All India Vice President, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari on the occasion of Guru Purnima. There           were 391 students and teachers present in the assembly programme.

               There was a swadhaya in the afternoon between 2 pm to 3 pm on Man. Nivedita Didi’s letter where all the teachers            actively participated. All the staff of VKV Tezu, Sri P K Pandey, CIC & Smt. Shanti Manoharan, Principal VKV Tafrogam also            participated in Guru Purnima celebration organised by VK Arunjyoti, Tezu on school premises at 3: 30pm.





  Parents & Teachers Meeting Conducted - VKV Tezu

A parent teacher meeting for class IX & X was conducted on 13th July 2019. Sri P. K. Pandey sir, Cluster In-Charge (Lohit) presided the meeting. The meeting started at 11.00AM. Forty three (43) parents of class IX & X attended the meeting along with the Principal, VKV Tezu with his staff members. The meeting started with invocation prayer followed by a welcome speech and purpose of the meeting by Smt. Jalimsi Krong Didi followed by self-introduction of the teachers and parents. Thereafter class teachers of class IX & X discussed about the performance of the students of both the classes, activities and planning done by the subject teachers where the following academic points were discussed –

  1. Remodeled assessment structure done by CBSE for the academic session 2019-20
  2. Design of question paper for the year end/ Board Examination
  3. Details of the changes suggested for VKVs class for class X.
  4. Introduction of two levels of mathematics for AISSE 2019-20.
  5. Result analysis of the previous academic year 2018-19
  6. To commence extra class from 01.08.2019 after school hours daily between 2 PM

                   – 3 PM for all the students of class X.

  1. Remedial classes for low achievers for both class IX & X during Sundays and other


  1. Students teacher mentorship to start from 01.08.2019.
  2. Active participation of all the students in all activities such as school level, district

                 level science seminar, Children’s Science Congress and other awareness

                 programme etc. for all round development of the students.

                        Sri P. K. Pandey Sir addressed the meeting by throwing light into Vivekanada Kendra and its activities. He told us, about the journey of Shila Smarak (Golden Jubilee Year of Vivekananda Rock Memorial). How, the Rock memorial was built, the difficulties and challenges faced by Mananiya Eknathji Ranade. How Vivekananda Kendra took its shape, its objectives, and mission with the goal to serve man serve God. He also spoke on the result of class X of the previous academic session 2018-19 thereby appreciating all the teachers and parents for their support and asked them to maintain the good results in future too. Sir also explained the role of parents in shaping a child’s future.

                        Thereafter suggestion of parents were taken, where many parents appreciated the hard work of teachers for timely completion of syllabus, guidance and cooperation of teacher, students-teacher mentorship programme for the previous year and wished to have the same this session too.

                        Some parents suggested to provide written notice for all exams, integrated test, extra class, remedial class time table.  Then the Principal VKV Tezu summarized the meeting by taking all the points from the parents and urged them to cooperate with teachers for the academic excellence of their wards.