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Orientation Workshop on Final Board Examination Preparation

Aiming to provide an intense training on securing good marks and result in the Final Board Examination which is going to be conducted by Arunachal Pradesh State Board (APSB) for the academic session 2019 – 20 targeting the grades especially V and VIII a one day orientation workshop was organized by Sri Ashok Singh, the principal of VKV Joram and Sri Pranjal Kumar Das, the Mathematics teacher of the school. Though the workshop was organized for the students of grades V and VIII but the students of grades VI and VII were also attended the workshop. There were 110 participants including boys and girls as well as 6 teachers in the workshop. It is aimed that this orientation workshop will act as an effective supplement and  boost the performance of students for final examination .

Workshop Contents:

The following core aspects were covered in the training program:

The training session started with three OM KARAS andShanti Path leaded by Sri Ashok Singh and followed by the students. Then the first session was started of Sri Ashok Singh of 45 minutes duration who emphasized on the following aspects:

  1. To rectify the common errors with similar terms.
  2. Time management in the examination hall.
  3. Reading question paper and MCQ solving tips
  4. Using of figures and diagrams.
  5. Understanding directional verbs like define, explain, describe, mention, contrast, identify etc.
  6. Types of questions and word limit

After completing his session Sri Pranjal Kumar Das started his session who especially emphasized on the subject matter of General Mathematics. His 40 minutes session revealed the following aspects:

  1. Appropriate margin especially in case of Mathematics answer sheet for rough work.
  2. Using the rough sketch to solve the problems of mensuration.
  3. Using the addition and subtraction sign properly. Not to overlap these signs.
  4. Solve the question up to the steps that a candidate knows.
  5. Using of page number.
  6. Implement the action verbs evaluate and factorize efficiently etc.

After his session 10 minutes time was allowed to the students for refreshment and the new session was started by Sri Dipok Chetri of 20 minutes duration on Social Science. His session focused on the following aspects:

  1. Developing map skill.
  2. The easiest way to solve the answers of history.
  3. Illegible handwriting etc.

Followed by his session Sri Ashish Kumar provided some tiny valuable tips to the examinees to secure a good result on Hindi in the upcoming examination. His session focussed on the following points:

  1. Use of margin.
  2. Writing technique while the action verb explanation is given.
  3. Way to solve the grammar section.
  4. Complete the answers of questions in section wise manner etc.

After that Smt. Durga Tripathi conducted a valuable session of 25 minutes duration on Hindi Literature.

Then the students are allowed to take a very short break of 10 minutes duration. After the break over the students came to the origin where they got the opportunity to access the session conducted by Phurpa Lhamu on English. She provided lots of tips and tricks to get good marks in the field of English. Her session influenced a lot to the students.

Lastly, Sri Pranjal Kumar Das acknowledged all the teachers as well as the students who positively participated in the program. He wished the best wishes to the students who are going to appear in the Final Examination for the session 2019 – 20. The workshop ended at 01:15 p.m. with Shanti Mantra and Kendra Prayer.