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Report on 5th International Yoga Day Observation

VKV Koloriang has observed 5th International Yoga Day on 21.06.2019 at Auditorium Hall in a befitting manner.  Importance of Yoga was told by Sri Madan Kafle. Various benefits of different asanas and pranayams were told and also encouraged the students to practice some of the asanas in their daily life. He told that regular practice of Yoga helps in curing various kinds of diseases and train our body and mind and also promote peace and harmony in the society.

Apart from Yoga Session from 7 am to 8 am, there were Quiz and Lecture competitions on the importance of Yoga. Sri Pritam Kairi was the Yoga Instructor. There was mass yoga demonstration and taught various asanas and pranayams. All the students, teaching and non-teaching staffs, Govt. Officials and SMC members were present on the occasion. Altogether, there were 295 members.

World Environmental Day Observed - VKV Koloriang

As a part of World Environment Day, VKV Koloriang organized various programs such as Essay writing, Drawing, Plantation and Jungle cutting on 6th June 2019 at school premises in a befitting manner. Importance of the day was told by Sri Bhim Prasad Upadhyay.

Essay writing competition on the topic “Environmental Pollution and its impacts” was attended by the students from Classes VI to VIII (total 85). There was Drawing competition for the students of primary classes ( total 110). There was plantation of saplings in the campus and boys group from classes VI to VIII did the jungle cutting work

 Tobacco Day Observation - VKV Koloriang

No Tobacco Day is being observed at VKV Koloriang, located in Kurung Kumey district of Arunachal Pradesh on 31st May 2019 at school premises in a befitting manner.

Dr. Boni Tuluk and his team members from District Medical, Koloriang were the resource persons. There were various programs in the school assembly like display of Posters and lecture on the effects of the consumption of Tobacco and other hazardous drugs on health. Finally oath taking pledge was read by all the students on not consuming tobacco in life. The program was attended by 203 students, all the teaching and non-teaching staffs and 15 members from medical department.

Report on the celebration of National Science Day

National Science Day is being celebrated today i.e. on 28.02.19 at VKV Koloriang to mark the discovery of Raman Effect by Sir C.V.Raman. Sri Leela Chetry, Science Teacher of the Vidyalaya highlighted the life and contribution of Sir C.V.Raman in the field of science and technology.

Science modal Exhibition was organized in which the various uses of science in our everyday life were depicted through some of the working models. There was also House-wise Quiz competition on general science. Finally, students were appealed to inculcate the scientific temperament and use the benefits of science in their everyday life.   

Report on the Video Conference Workshop on Online Labs.

On 25.02.2019,  Sri Bhim Upadhyay and Sri Manish Kumar attended the Online Labs Orientation Workshop via Video conference, at NIC Centre, DC Office Complex, Koloriang, Kurung Kumey. The workshop was organized by CDAC, Mumbai for the CBSE affiliated schools. It was started at 1.30 pm and continued till 3 pm.

Various benefits of online labs or OLabs were discussed. Through this online workshop, a kind of training was given to teachers teaching Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English on how to use online labs resources available in the website and to help the students in learning different experiments and practical activities. This online learning facility is highly beneficial for both teachers and students because students also can browse various procedures and name of chemicals sitting in their homes through the Online Labs website. The website contains many animations and video clips related to different experiments and practical activities. This Online learning facility is also beneficial for all those schools which do not have physical Labs facilities. At the end of the program, online attendance was taken of all the participants who were connected through video conferencing from different parts of the country. We were also given the time to put up our queries.