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National Fire & Evacuation Drill Awareness Programme - VKV Jirdin

National Fire & Evacuation Drill Awareness Programme Today on 21.02.18, an awareness programme on Fire Evacuation Drill was organized by Fire & Emergency Service, Aalo in VKV Jirdin. The programme started at 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 a.m. A team of seven FS Personel came to speak and demonstrate on how fire incidents take place and cause lot of damage and loss to lives and property. In such situation how to act and save one’s and others lives. The SFO I. Ngomdir illustrated the triangle of combustion as made up of fuel, oxygen and heat to make or catch fire. Fire Brigade and fire extinguisher DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) of various sizes were brought. They made us all aware how to deal with various types of fire like simple fire, oil fire, gas fire, electric fire & metal fire. Various demonstrations were shown to make all aware of how to prevent fire caught in gas regulator leaks, pipes in simple ways.When a fire incident takes place in multi-storey buildings immediate response from our own side by self-rescuing with the help of a rope by tying ladder knots to climb down. How to give first-aid during fire incidents for different kinds of injuries like scalp bandage, rib knot, jaw bandage, arm sealing, methods of making improvised emergency stretcher with a rope, blanket etc. How to use different types of fire extinguishers, how to act in mob drill fire evacuation: role of school authority and staffs in formation of a team of fire fighters. Staffs and senior students to be divided as rescue team (fire fighters). 

  1. Fire fighters to rescue (giving first-aid)
  2. Why to maintain the attendance?
  3. Reporting to the authority
  4. Authority role in answering the media.

The two and a half hours awareness programme benefitted each and every individual present there. Queries related to Fire accidents were cleared by them. Voluntary demonstration by some students also gave the spectators the confidence to overcome their fear for fire and act as fire fighters in any such fire disaster. Pamphlets were also distributed among the students by the Fire Dept. Three students gave individual feedbacks about the programme witnessed. And the programme was winded by a speech by the Principal, VKV Jirdin, who thanked the team for their valuable contribution to the school by organizing that awareness programme and enlightening all present there.