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National Youth Day Celebrated - VKV Jirdin

National Youth Day ( 157th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda Jayanti) was celebrated in our School Premises. The programme started  at 10:am  by the Chief Guest Capt Manpreet Kaur andCapt. Miridula M, 356 field hospital ,Army Aslo, Sri Markar Paduji Cluster In-Charge of Siang Cluster was present on the dice. The welcome speech was given by Su. Indu Gurung. The Significance Of the day by Sri . Surajit Das. The Cfhief Guest  said the four Mantras of the success to the children Be discipline  discipline, Be Punctual  Always be punctual Always be punctual , Self-confidence Of the person will get success in their life. Education for a girl child education is the weapon from Which they can achieve their goal , take care of the family and children . Girls should always be bold. After the speech of the chief Guest the Alumna Smt. Rammar Jokik said the younger sister Keep the glory of the institution. She share her childhood at VKV Jirdin, She approach to the parents Early morning if you get up please pick up some books or the news paper ehih make the habits of their Wards not a mobile phone.  They perform cultural programme by Six Alumna of VKV jirdin. Which gave a inspiration to the children and parents. They also doated 100nos of plastic chairs and four Dustbin to School.Cultural Programme was  presented by children Patriotic Song, Galo Traditional Dance , Action song and Dance Drama which shows the childhood to death of Swami Vivekananda and the work of Man. Eaknathji  Ranada for the construction of Vivekananda Rock  Memorial at Kanyakumari. They end The programme by the Bharat Mata Arati.  vote of thanks by Su. Nitu  Sharma.

Gita Jayanthi Celebrated - VKV Jirdin

Gita Jayanti in our School Auditorium  our programme starts at 10 a.m. Before the programme Su . Rina Khare explain the signification of the day. Welcome to all GuestParents, Teachers and students by Su. Indu Gurung. The Programme Starts by the blessing of  Sri Pavitrachaitanya Maharaj and Sri Bodhachaitanya Maharaj from Ramakrishna Mission School,  Aalo. Children from Class VI to X explain the meaning of Karma Yoga Shloka, after that all the children  and teachers chant the entire shlokas together. After the chanting Sri Pavitrachaitanya Maharaj explain the importance of Karma Yoga to all the childrens and parents by using blackboard in elaborate way.He explain the need of Gita in our life. All the children and parents like his speech. Swamiji was very surprised after hearing the Shloka chanted by the students of Class IV to X without seeing. Sri. PM Unnikrishnan Sir, Education Officerof Siang Cluster,Sri, Markar Padu, Cluster In- Charge of Siang Cluster, and 45 Parents were present in the Programme.                  

Sadgamaya Shibir Celebrated - VKV Jirdin

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Jirdin organized a one day camp of Personality Development on 31st October 2019. The camp started at 9.10 am with the arrival of the guests Captain Dr. Rahul (Dentist) in Army along with his colleague and the cluster in charge of Siang Sri Markar Padu. Inauguration of the camp was made with the lightening of the lamp by the chief guests. The welcome speech was given by Sri. Surajit Das, followed by the welcome song “Swagatam subha swagatam” which created a beautiful ambiance for a great start. The camp holds some motives for the upliftment of the young students so, Su. Kajal Neog Phukan delivered her speech on significance of the day where the ideology and philosophy of man-making and nation building were stressed and to be enthusiastic towards every work. The chief guests Captain Dr. Rahul presented his speech focusing on bearing a good personality along with this he motivated students to be energetic, practicising good exercise, good food habit. He also sang a song on request and had a jolly moment together. Then Sri. Marker Padu ji also talked with the students about how a personality should be, to be humble, polite in our way of conduct and to be kind towards other etc. Vote of thanks was given by the Smt. Pranita Ghosh to the guests for their valuable time and piece of advice and motivation to the young Students. The First Session started with the self introduction of the students followed by group division and leader making. Students were divided into four houses namely-

              Group 1: Kiran Bedi

              Group 2: Tenzing Norgay

              Group 3: Sarda Maa  

              Group 4: Sister Nivedita.

After the division of groups, Shibir Geet “Desh Hame deta hai sab kuch…..” was lead and followed with the guidance of music teacher Su. Bageshree Kotoky. The second session started with the group discussion on the given topic: “COMPULSORY ATTENDENCE IN SCHOOL”—AGREE/DISAGREE, time limit was given 10 minutes, after discussion one student from respective group presented their point of discussion. And it was seen all the students took active participation in the discussion. The third session dealt with the documentary video of Vivekananda Rock Memorial based on Ek Bharat Vijai Bharat which was conducted by Su. Kingkinee Dutta, in the school computer laboratory. The documentary started with the brief introduction of Swami Vivekananda, Eknathji and the idea of man-making and nation building and 50 years celebration of VRM by Su. Kajal Neog Phukan. After the documentary session students were provided with healthy lunch. Post lunch session started with some brainstorming riddles in Hindi and English by Su. Rina Kumari. The fourth session dealt with Quiz, which was conducted by Sri. Surajit Das which had all total 9 round dealing with History, Mathematics, Sports and mixed question. The winner groups of Quiz Session are:


  1st Position      Kiran Bedi               32 points

  2nd Position      Sister Nivedita       25 points

  3rd Position      Sarda Maa              20 points

  4th Position      Tenzing Norgay      15 points

The Fifth Session was of Krida Yoga or Sanskar Varga which started with the prayer i.e. Shanti Path followed by Kendra drill, group formation, learning slogans, command and games such as ping-pong, broom and hockey and ended with the Shanti Mantra. This Sanskar Varga was volunteered by the students of class VIII of VKV Jirdin under the guidance of Yoga Instructor Smt. Yabom Digbak. After the successful conduct of all the five sessions the Prize distribution ceremony was organized to reward the winners from different schools with trophy and a certificate of participation to all the participants through the hands of Headmistress Su. Namita Medhi of VKV Jirdin (the host school). And at last there was a group photo session with all the teachers and the participants of the Personality Development camp. There were all total 63 participants from six different schools including the host school, namely:

Sl.No.               Name of the School

  1. Ramakrishna Mission School Aalo
  2. Siyom Valley School, Pessing
  3. Government Higher Secondary School, Pessing
  4. Gumin Nagar Upper Primary School, Aalo
  5. Town Middle School, Aalo
  6. Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Jirdin

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebrated - VKV Jirdin

   On 11th September 2019 Universal Brotherhood Day celebrated in our School Premises . The programme starts at 9: 30 am by lighting of Lamp by Chief Guest Sri Tej Bhan Singh 2nd in Command, 20 Bn  ITB Aalo. His wife Smt. Bina Singh, Sri Markar Paduji, Cluster In-Charge of Siang Cluster, alumni and Parents were present in the Programme.   Welcome speech by Principaland focusing on “Ek Bharat Vijayi Bharat” and it Sampark in every knock and corner of India on account of 50 years of Vivekananda rock memorial. Signification of the day by Su. Sawentika Upadhaya, Chicago Address By Km. Horpi  Amo  Std of class IX. And vote of thanks by Smt Pranita Ghosh.

 Chief guest insists the children to follow the path of Swami Vivekananda and work like Man. Eknathji Ranade. after watching 22 minutes Documentary on Vivekananda Rock Memorial its construction works and the contribution of Man. Eknathji Ranade. On account 50 years of Vivekanands rock Memorial. The topic” Ek Bharat Vijayi Bharat “. Everyone likes it and they said the contribution of Eknath ji’s towards the development of VKVs in Arunachal Pradesh. Chief Guest was very happy to know about the Work of Vivekananda Kendra for India.Parents were also gain lot of knowledge on the work of Vivekananda Kendra and the meaning of “Ek Bharat and Vijayi Bharat”.



School Level Science seminar Organised - VKV Jirdin

Today on 5th August 2019, School Level Science Seminar 2019, was organised in the school hall where all total 05 students participated from class IX and X. The topic for Science Seminar for this year is “Periodic Table of Chemical Elements: It’s Impact on Human Welfare”. There was a strong competition see among the participants. The first position holder of school level science seminar was Km. Karyir Basar. There were two judges for the selection of the candidates. The time limit allotted for the presentation was 6minutes.

The winner will be participating in “District Level Science Seminar 2019” which will held on 17th August, 2019 Saturday at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Aalo.