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  1. Focus of the Programme:
  • To insist traditional practices
  • To preserve the indigenous culture
  • To bring indigenous people together for a common goal
  • To strengthen the indigenous faiths and ritualistic practices in the area   
  1. Welcome Address: Sri  Panchanan Tripathy, Principal
  • Welcome the gathering formally
  • Arunachal Pradesh is a cultural mosaic
  • The faiths and divine beliefs are gifted to the people of Arunachal Pradesh by Mother Nature
  • There are ethnic resemblances amongst the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The geographical isolation can only differentiate a little on traditional practices
  • The celebration of Indigenous Faith Day by different communities reinforces the Unity in Diversity.
  • The wonderful Indigenous and Cultural Tradition is to sustain under the guidance of the elders of the various ethnic groups of the society
  • Loss of Culture gives vent to Loss of Identity
  • Urged the august gathering to preserve, propagate and maintain the cultural mosaic of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Vivekananda Kendra is also working at ground level to help preserve fading cultural practices of the Indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh. VKIC is established at Guwahati to monitor and popularise the traditional practices in entire Northeast.
  1. Significance of the day: By K.V. Dineshan, Vice Principal
  • It is a high time to consolidate ourselves to save our identity
  • Culture is synonym to identity
  • People of different cultural groups need to be organised to help save their identities
  • Arunachal Pradesh has been  the denizen of indigenous people since ages: the practices they cultivate are unique and need to be preserved
  • Indigenous faith day is celebrated to honour the dignity of people of Arunachal Pradesh
  • The celebration is to unite the spirit of humanism, tolerance, communal harmony amongst the indigenous people
  • Every Arunachalie should take the pride of being a part of cultural heritage of the state.
  • Ignited the mind of youngsters to preserve their culture and tradition
  1. Address by Chief Guest Sri D. Basar, Deputy Commissioner of Forest, Changlang Dist (A.P)
  • Expressed thankfulness for being a part of the celebration of IFD at VKV Jrp
  • It is a big challenge to stop the cultural erosion taking place in the in Arunachal Pradesh
  • We need to be organised and concerted efforts  to be put to bring the scattered groups of Indigenous people together
  • Felt happy that VKV is doing wonderful work in this field
  • The traditional practices of the people of Arunanchal Pradesh are getting extinct due to the invasion of foreign culture
  • Arunachal Pradesh is a land of cultural hegemony that requires special care and  rigid laws to preserve it for next generation to come
  • of AP has set to establish a Dept called Indigenous Faith & Cultural Affairs to safeguard the first fading values of Indigenous culture
  • Indigenous Faith & Cultural Society of Arunanchal Pradesh has been working relentlessly to prevent the cultural erosion and to bring back indigenous people together for a common goal and traditional practices which are under the threat of extinct
  1. The celebration also witnessed a cultural fete – cum – competition of traditional dance and drama as per VKV calendar.
  2. Vote of thanks was extended by Sri H.J. Singh