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Sadgamay Shibir @ VKV Jairampur

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Jairampur conducted 3 day residential Sadgamay Shibir from 3rd Oct to 5th October 2017. There were 60 students attended in the camp drawn from 6 schools of Jairampur area. The registration was done by Sri Deep Kakati . There were 24 boys and 36 girls participated in the camp. Vivek hostel was allotted for the accommodation of boys under the care of hostel in chargers Sri Anil Patwari and Sri Moonmay Mazummdar . Ramakrishna hostel was allotted for the girls under the in charge of Smt. Meenkashi Dineshan.

All the participants attended the evening prayer on the first day and were given necessary instructions by the coordinator Sri Kalyanam Bharadwaj. Sri Panchanan Tripathy, Principal briefed the participant on the modalities of the Shibir.

Day-I (03-10-2017)

Morning Prayer was conducted by Kalyanam  followed by Yogavyash. It was taken by Sri Sunil B Dhawral. Following yoga practices were done.

Asanaa’s done in yoga classes


Standing asanaa

  • Padahastasana
  • Ardhakatina chakrasana

Sitting asana

  • Paschimtasana
  • Sheshasaana

Lying asana

  • Bhujangasanaa
  • Mukrasanaa
  • Shavasanaa


  • Brahmari
  • Sheethalikaranam
  • Kapalbhati
  • Bhastrika

These asanaas were continued in all days of the camp after the Morning Prayer from 6.00 am to 6.45 am.

Inauguration :9 am to 10 am

Lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Sri George Joseph, Urban Development Officer, Jairampur

Welcome Address- Shri Panchanath Tripathy, Principal of VKV Jairampur

Value points:

  • Formally welcomed the gathering
  • Camp is for forming true shape of life following proper way of living discarding all sorts of malpractices
  • Developing personality is developing the life itself
  • The camp will help developing the personality of the participants
  • To follow the path of righteousness in life
  • Success is the progressive realization of worthy goals.

Significance & Modalities of the camp: Sri.Kalyanam Bhraradwaj

  • Camp is for the students of neighbouring school students
  • An opportunity to discovering the selves
  • Life skills to be taught

Address by Chief Guest- Shri. George Joseph, Urban Development Officer, JRP

Value points:

  • Developing good personality with good habits, practices and character is not aneasy task, it required from determination and high ambition
  • Nuturing tips for developing different skills related to personality

Vote of thanks – Shri. K.V.Dineshan Sir

  • Mission of Vivekananda Kendra is to keep attention of every learners of the nation, future generation of the country not restricted to VKV students only ,
  • Life has a purpose, so make it purposeful.

The Program got its conclusion with Shanthi mantra.

Session-I – Time: 10.15-11.15 am

Personality Development- by Shri. Kalyanam Bharadwaj

Value points:

  • We see thing through our mind not through eyes and develop body language
  • Physical and mental development is needed.

Session-II – Time 11.15-12.15

Math Magic- Shri. Deep kakati Sir

Value points:

  • Digits and numbers introduction.
  • Using digits numbers which is to make understand the concept of counting.

Patriotic song was taught by K.V.Dineshan Sir

Shibir Geet- Shri.Kalyanam Bharadwaj Sir.  2pm-2.20pm

Session-III -2.20pm-3.15pm

Swami Vivekanada – Shri. Sudip paroi

Value points:

  • Life of swamiji is alife of achievement. He saved our country from the british exploitation by bringing confidence in the mind of common people with this religious triumph in world parliament of religion.
  • A message from life of Swamiji – Face the difficulties of life face to face.

Geet session: 3.15pm-4 pm By Shri.Kalynam Bharadwaj sir

Outdoor games- 4pm-5pm Conducted by Shri. Sunil.B.Dharwal Sir

Evening  Prayer: 6.15pm By Shri.Kalynam Bharadwaj sir

Value points: Session-IV Time Management-by Shri.Sudip Paroi

  • Success depends on time management and it develops the maturity.
  • Gave work for the students to write the time schedule of the camp.

Happy Assembly – 8.30 – 9.30 pm

Conducted by Shri.K.V.Dineshan Sir and Shri.Sunil.B.Dharwal Sir.

Day-II : 04-10-2017

Morning Prayer was conducted by Shri.Kalyanam Bharadwaj Sir.

Shibir Geet-8.15-8.30 am by Shri kalyanam Bharadwaj Sir.

Samp Assembly- 8.30am-8.50am by Shri.Kalyanam Bharadwaj.

Session-I -9 am-10 am

“From Narendra to Swami Vivekanada” by Shri.K.V.Dineshan Sir.

Value points:

  • Narendra was born in an ordinary circumstance. He used his potentiality to make the society and nation to great.
  • His quality of life like dedication sincerity and love for the nation, leadership etc. is highly relevant in the modern period.
  • All the students assembled here also having such interest qualities.

Session-II: 10 – 10.40 AM

Topic: Hindu Epic  taken by Smt. Shefali Bharadwaj

Value points:

  • Story of Ramayana
  • Song from Ramayana
  • Lessons from Ramayana

Session-III 10.45am-11.30am

Pariksha De Haste Haste- by Smt. Meenakashi Dineshan

Value points:

  • Concentration is the key for success.
  • Observation is necessary for clear understanding of any object.
  • Check your examination materials carefully.
  • Follow the syllabus.
  • Always have the positive attitude.

Session-IV 11.45am-12.30pm

Indigenous faith by Dr.Techai. Veterinarian associated with Kendra.

Value points

  • Physically strong and mentally balance.
  • Intellectually sharp and spiritually high.
  • Repeated practice of maintain good behavior.
  • Thoughts should be good.
  • To promote the culture and tradition.

12.30pm-1.50pm Lunch and Rest.

Shibir Geet- 2pm-2.20pm by Shri.Kalyanam Bharadwaj Sir.

Session-V -2.20pm-3.15pm

 By Shri.P.Kumar- Senior Teacher in Government high hr.sec school Jairampur

Topic:“How to be an organized student?”

Value points:

  • Good listener and maintain good and proper attendance.
  • Respect the society and manage your time
  • Maintain the notebooks.

Shibir Geet 3.15pm-4 pm by Shri.Kalyanam Bharadwaj sir

Outdoor games conducted by Shri.Sunil B.Dharwal sir

Evening  Prayer was conducted by Shri.Kalyanam Bharadwaj  at 6.15pm-6.45pm

Session-VI : 6.45pm-7.30pm

Topic: Health and Hygiene

Resource Person: Smt.Nemkoo Kimsing:  Child development Project Officer, Jairampur

The RP was introduced by the principal Sri Panchanan Tripathy

Value points:

  • Heal is wealth
  • Defining Healthy person and healthy life and deficiency of vitamins and introduction of vitamins.
  • Avoid Junk foods. Maintain cleanliness and Good habits.
  • Eat healthy food to maintain good health
  • Don’t get tempted by the packets fook

Happy assembly 8.15pm-9.30pm conducted by Shri Sunil.B.Dharwal and Shri.K.V.Dineshan sir

With the Shanthi mantra the day’s session was over.

Day:III (05-10-2017)

Assembly -8.30am-8.50am by Shri kalyanam Bharadwaj sir

Session-I ( 9am-10am)

By Shri.Panchanth Tripathy  Principal of VKV JRP .

Topic: Focused Life is the Key to Success

Value Points:

  • Set goals in life
  • Focus one goal at a time
  • Determination an attribute of success
  • Character helps build a good personality
  • Hard work alone provides an avenue of success
  • Success comes to those who dare to act

The participants in this session also witnessed a beautiful video footage on Incredible Arunachal Pradesh.

Session-II Introduction to Computer- 10.15am-11.15am

By Shri. Subrata Kumar Dutta

Value points:

  • Basics and uses of computer.
  • He showed some videos of about the application of computers.
  • Introduction of Binary language.
  • Played videos about self driving car and visual effects (VFX-SGI) in movies.
  • Conversion of various sizes in computers e.g Bytes, GigaBytes, KiloBytes MegaBytes etc.

Shibir Geet -11.15am-11.30 am by Shri.Kalyanam Bharadwaj sir.

Valedictory function- 11.30am-1.00pm.

Lighting lamp by the Chief Guest

Welcome Address: By the Principal

Value Points:

  • Urged the participants to practice the good things learned in the Shibir
  • It there is a will, there is a way
  • Be worthy citizens of our nation
  • Be an asset to the society
  • Respect the elders and punctual to school
  • Maintain good characters, don’t hurt others
  • Be polite and generous to everybody
  • Adopt a good routine in life and practice yoga regularly

Camp Report: By M. Prabhaharan

Chief Guest Address:  Shri.Gujaar, BRCC Coordinator, Jairampur

Value points:

  • Discipline , Punctuality should be maintained
  • A rare opportunity to get groomed by VKV Teachers
  • Encouragement of participation in all Programs conducted by schools.
  • Good participation was seen from you all
  • Culture everything you learned here
  • Use your quality time friutfully

Vote of thanks: by Shri.K.V.Dineshan Sir.

Value points:

  • Formally extended thanks and gratitude to one and all to make this shibir successful
  • Whatever students learnt in this camp it is only the starting point of leading a self-oriented life and they should practice to continue that.
  • After going out of this camp, each of the student who participated in this camp will be the asset of the societies.