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  1. Name of the Event: U.B. Day Celebration
  2. Date of the Event:11th Sept 2017, Time: 10.00 AM,
  3. Venue: School Prayer Hall
  4. Target Group: Students, teachers, Parents, well-wishers
  5. Attendance: 400
  6. Focus of the event:
  • To spread the doctrine of universal brotherhood
  • To commemorate the epoch making speech of Swamiji made at World Parliament Religions, Chicago
  • To escalate Swamiji’s message of cosmic love and spirituality
  • To egg on Hindu tradition and cultural hegemony
  1. Welcome Address: Sri Panchanan Tripathy, Principal
  • Formally welcomed the gathering & Introduced the dignitaries
  1. Spoke on the achievements of the school
  2. Vivekananda Kendra: A Thought Movement
  3. Satisfactory academic performance in Class X & XII exams
  4. Got sanctioned by NITI, Aayog, Atal Tinkering Lab
  5. Got First Position District Level Science Seminar
  • Celebration of 40 years of relentless service of VKVs
  • Conducted Run for Brotherhood – A Marathon
  • Involved local people, public leaders, students, teachers and Assam Rifle, Jairampur in the marathon
  • Sri Izmir Tikhak, Sr Public Leader flagged off the race
  • Universal Brotherhood is a slogan for a better way of life
  • Though gregarious by nature, human beings stand completely divided
  • It is not a gospel merely to be preached by words but an essential attribute to our conduct and behaviours
  • Vasudeva Kutumvakam – the world is one house and we are all one family
  • To arrest all human remedies, the only way is to reverse the gear from violence to love and peace i.e. brotherhood
  • The secret of blessed life is cosmic love
  1. Significance of the Day: By Amit Kumar, Teacher
  • Swami Vivekananda had a broad outlook from his early spring of life
  • He gave a call to stick the fundamental principles of religions which are common to all of them
  • Swami Vivekananda was a man of great spiritual tolerance
  • He over shined as a great patriot and a spiritual guru
  • He was instrumental in spreading the message of cosmic love
  • The goal of universal brotherhood to unite the people and to establish tolerance, peace and truth
  • There is one religion i.e. love and universal brotherhood
  • There is only one caste i.e. the caste of humanity
  • Develop boundless love for all and live in peace
  1. Address by the Guest of Honour: Sri John Pada, SDPO Miaun
  • VKVs are synonyms to quality education
  • It has produced so many good citizens who are serving all over India
  • India has a present as it had a glorious past
  • India has paramount contribution in the field of computer science
  • India never declared war against any nation
  • We are marching ahead in the world. India only confirmed that there is no water in moon.
  • VKV Jairampur has a very rich legacy
  • Being an alumni of VKV, I urge the VKVians of today to protect it from the invasion of intruders and drugs
  • Swami Vivekananda & Ma. Eknathji ignited our minds
  1. Ashir Vachan: By Sri S.S. Choudhury, ADC, Jairampur,CG
  • Feel proud to be an Indian where such godly people were born
  • Feel proud for our rich culture and tradition
  • Respect all human values & virtues
  • Obliged to the teachers of VKVs for nurturing and giving value-based education
  • Children required god guidance, love and care for their growth
  • Must be thankful to the parents to give them in a school like VKV to study
  • Obey and respect the parents
  • Tagore said: To know India study Vivekananda
  • Many officer friends are from VKV background and they are doing exemplarily well
  • Take a pledge to preserve our culture and spread the message of brotherhood
  • Negate yourself from antisocial act. Satyameba Jayate. Adopt the path of truth and placidness
  • Work for the nation, prove your credential as a noble human being
  1. In addition, the celebration also witnessed a few beautiful cultural programmes to add colours to the event:
  2. A Patriotic song
  3. Group dance
  4. Group Song
  5. Action Song
  6. Skit on Prahallada
  7. Classical Dance
  8. Vote of Thanks: KV Dineshan