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Following the tradition of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas, the programme has been set on ‘Guru Purnima’ in the school to worship ‘Guru’ and feel the importance of ‘Guru’ to get enlightment in the life of students. With the presence of parents of class-VIII students the programme gets started with the introduction by Kalyanam Sir mentioning briefly importance of the day. In the welcome address Principal sir lay emphasis on ‘Guru-sisha parampara’ which is the core of Indian educational system.

Value point of the Speech by Principal Sir-

  • Explain the term ‘Guru’ and mention of the role of Guru in the life of the students.
  • Indicate the gravity of the day with reference to Vede Vyas and Buddhadev.
  • Guru-shisha parampara that brings total union between Guru and shisha.
  • Oneness which is the core of Indian life and culture

The welcome address is followed by beautiful ‘Guru bhajan’ chanted by the students and then speech by Amit Sir on ‘Significance of the day’.

Value points of the speech by Amit Sir-

  • Taking reference from Indian mythology he clearly indicates the role of ‘Guru’ played in the life of the pupils.
  • He urges the people to carry on the Guru-shisha parampara generation after generation.

In between Kalyanam Sir mentions the meaning of the Kendra prayer where the role and identity of an individual who takes work as only goal of life, is clearly highlighted.

Following rituals of  puja has been performed. With utmost devotion the pupils worship their teachers and the teachers give the blessings to them.

After puja the programme reaches to conclusion. In the ‘vote of thanks’  K.V Dineshan Sir taking instances from Ramayana highlights again the role of ‘Guru’ in the life of a students. The programme has its conclusion with Shanti Mantra.