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  1. Name of the Event: International Yoga Day 2017
  2. Date & Time: 21/06/2017 Time: 7.00 AM, Venue: New Market Jairampur & VKV JRP
  3. Target Group: Students, teachers, well-wishers, local populace
  4. Focus of the programme:
  • To adopt yoga as a way of life
  • To aware the therapeutic effects of yoga on body, mind and intellect
  • To help preserve ancient Indian tradition
  • To spread the doctrine of oneness
  1. Attendance: 700 (Both Venues)
  2. Welcome & Significance of the Day: By Panchanan Tripathy, Principal

Key points of Address

  • Yoga an inevitable gift of ancient Indian tradition
  • Connect body, mind and intellect
  • Instrumental of holistic approach to good health & well-being
  • The day dates back to Honourable PMof India, Narendra Modi’s address in UNO on 27th Sept 2017
  • UNO adopted this date for International Yoga Day to celebrate world wide
  • Yoga is the elixir of human life
  • It is a spiritual science to discipline body, mind and intellect. Swami Vivekanada, the greatest Indian Spiritual Guru, took spirituality and yoga to International horizon and gave a new identity to it.
  • Vivekananda Kendra, under the aegis of Spiritually Oriented Service Mission, spread this great legacy of Swamiji to humanity and its very basis of practice in the moribund life styles of so called modern people.
  • The word yoga is a derivative from a Sanskrit word yuj meaning to unite or join together
  • As per yogic lore, Lord Siva is said to be the first practitioner of yoga that He transmitted to Saptarishis to further its profundity to whole world
  • Yoga is referred as an immortal cultural outcome of Indus Valley Saraswati Valley Civilization
  • There is reflection of yoga in Vedas & Upanishadas: Pre-Vedic Period has witnessed universal yogic practices under the supervision of Maharishi Patanjali, who later on systematised and codified the different genres of Yoga
  • The place value of Guru, in Indian tradition, determines the attainment success of the disciples: The guru is the advocator of each system of yoga that we practice.
  1. Yoga session: Taken by Sri Sunil B Dhawral, Teacher

The common yoga protocol was unanimously followed to celebrate the IYD 2017. Given below are the yogasanas conducted at both the venues:

  • Standing Asanas - Trikona asana, Padahastasana
  • Sitting Asanas - Pachimottansan, Shashkashana
  • Lying Asanas - Bhujanga Asana, Salvasana, Setuvandasana, Pawanhutasana
  • Pranayam - Bhramari, Ulomvilom, Kapalbhati
  1. Vote of Thanks: Extended by Kalyanam Bharadwaj, Teacher

Programme concluded with Shanti Mantra