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Sadgamaya Shibir Conducted - VKV Jairampur

Just as a blooming bud expands its petals in the presence of gentle breeze and sweet sun rays in the morning, a child extends his horizon of life and boundary of mind day by day with the interaction with his surroundings as well as environment. In this way of journey he requires proper guidance and support which our Vivekananda Kendra has been providing with year after year by organizing SadgamayaShibir where children have been given training how to develop their personality in a proper way. Following the tradition the school

invited the students from the nearby schools as well as the students of our school from Class-VI to Class-VIII assembling 43 participants (Boys-23, Girls-20) this year, in two-day camp inaugurating on 26th October in the invaluable presence of Sri NarendraKumarji, chief agricultural scientist of KrishiBhighan Kendra, Jairampur. In the opening ceremony Principal Sir set the tune of the whole progremme in his welcome address highlighting the need of five-fold development of children from the very early stage of their life, the same got echoed later in the larger scale in the speech given by Kalyanayam Sir, coordinator of the camp. In his ‘Ashirvachan’ the chief guest enriched the students with agricultural knowledge besides highlighting the need of agriculture as well as urging the students to help their parents as much as possible.

 After the opening ceremony the students had been placed in a tight schedule with sessions coming one after another along with break. In the opening session BinduDidi after introduction of the students gave right direction how to develop their personality in a proper way keeping in mind certain essential requirements of life like discipline or positive thinking. Post lunch session included shibirgeet by ShafaliDidi and Vedic Maths by JayantaGogoi Sir. Keeping in the mind the sweet tune of the patriotic song , children kept concentration in the session when Jayanta Sir taught them Vedic Maths in an interesting manner. In the afternoon children refreshed themselves by participating in games under the monitor of Sunil Sir. After the BhajanSandhya in his session on the ‘Life of Swami Vivekananda’ Dineshan Sir enlighted children with the story of life of Swami Vivekananda and his message taking the help of audio-visual clippings. The session got concluded with ‘Group-discussion participating all in four groups on ‘merits and demerits of media’. The fatigueness of the whole day wiped out in the happy assembly when children participated in the indoor games with joy and amusement. The first day got over with so much activities and engagements.

The next day as well as concluding day of the program begun with morning prayer followed by ‘Suryanamaskar’ under the guidance of Sunil Sir. In the opening ceremony of the day Dr. Achu Chena, medical officer of Community Health Centre, Jairampur made children aware of health and hygiene       suggesting them inculcating good habits and maintaining proper diet. After the session they visited various important places like library, ATL lab, Primary section inside the campus. After campus visit they participated in ‘Group discussion’ on ‘how to protect forest’ groupwise under the monitor of Mili Sir. The last session  was taken by MinakshiDidi on ‘BhartiyaSanskriti’ reminding the pupils rich culture of our motherland in an open discussion.

The two-days camp had perfect ending with valedictory fuction where R.B.Ghale, Major Subadar of Assam Riffles was invited. In his brief speech he reminded the responsibility of the students to their family as well as country after Sudip Sir read out the report on the whole progremme. The participants of the camp shared their experience in an open heart. KalyanamSir ,coordinator of the whole progremme in the ‘vote of thanks’ expressed his gratitude to for the successful completion of the whole progremme. The progremme got concluded with ‘shanti mantra’. Two-day personality development camp was formally finished successfully expecting good result and positive response.