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Annual Sports Meet Conducted - VKV Jairampur

Annual Sport Meet 2018-19 of V.K.V. Jairampur had been successfully completed with the active participation of the students form all classes in a sportive and competitive environment. The two-day (05 and 06.09.2018) programme included different field games like running, jumping, shot-put, discus-throw, football, kabadi or kho-kho, as well as ,indoor games like badminton, chess, or carom. The progremme got started with the hoisting of flag and then followed by the lighting of torch by the Principal Sir in the opening ceremony. In his address, the Principal Sir put emphasis on the need of physical fitness to keep a sound mind in the body. The event started with running races from 100 meter to 800 meter participating students from different houses. After field and track games, other field games as well as indoor games had been going on simultaneously in the different corner of the field. The first day got concluded with volleyball final for both boys and girls. The second day repeated the same as usual but the main attention of the day that is, football final was scheduled at the end. The match was won by Atharvaveda House. The two day event concluded with the closing ceremony where Dr.Techai, active member in indigenous faith and Arun Jyoti was invited as chief guest who distributed prizes to the winners. With the active participation of the players and healthy support from the supporters, the event became a successful one. Throughout the event witnessed true sportsman spirit, outburst of emotion, joy of winners, frustration of losers, and over all enthusiasm of both players and supporters. Now, waiting for the next year.