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Sadgamaya Shibir Conducted - VKV Jairampur

Just as a blooming bud expands its petals in the presence of gentle breeze and sweet sun rays in the morning, a child extends his horizon of life and boundary of mind day by day with the interaction with his surroundings as well as environment. In this way of journey he requires proper guidance and support which our Vivekananda Kendra has been providing with year after year by organizing SadgamayaShibir where children have been given training how to develop their personality in a proper way. Following the tradition the school

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Ganesh Puja Celebrated - VKV jairampur

Cultural enrichment is one of the leading principles of Vivekananda Kendra. In order to fulfill the purpose our school organized Ganesh Puja following all the rituals with the enthusiastic participation of the students, particularly the hostellers who prepared Ganesh idols showing their creativity and artistic sense. On the auspicious day, all the students assembled in the prayer hall where Ganesh idols were placed one after another surrounded by beautiful decoration with flowers and banana plants. With the utterance of mantra Kalayanam Sir brought lives in the idols and performed the rituals of the puja along with Principal Sir and Sunil Sir. Amit Sir enriched the students with stories of Ganeshji highlighting the learning lesson out of those. Then students participated in the ‘bhajan competition’ vibrating the whole prayer hall in sweet musical note. The time had been going on without being unnoticed. At the end Sunil Sir thanked all for the successfully completion of the progremme. All left the prayer hall after having blessing from the Ganeshjiand taking ‘Prasad’ in their hands.

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebrated - VKV Jairampur

In response to the world wide celebration of 125 th year of Swamiji’s Chicago address our school organized a progremme with the spontaneous participation of the students maintaining the grandeur of the day. The progremme was started with the lightening of the lamp by the chief guest T. Mossang, Principal of GHSS Jairampur along with our Principal Sir,T. Sritharan. Principal Sir in his ‘Welcome Address’ expressed his gratitude to the audience for their invaluable presence. In her address BinduDidi while explaining the significance of the day lay emphasis on the relevance of Swamiji’s thoughts and principles in the present day for the progress of our country. KalingTali, a student of class-VI reiterated Swamiji’s address wearing his majestic attire.Then the chief guest of the progremme presented his speech highlighting how the thoughts and ideas of Swamiji about the country brought all the people from different religions together strengthening the secular nature of our country. After his speech students from the Primary section conducted a cultural progremme including Nishi dance, patriotic song, drama and story-telling. Their performance impressed all and the prayer hall got stirred clapping after clapping. In‘Vote of Thanks’ Dinashan Sir thanked all for the successful completion of the progremme.

Annual Sports Meet Conducted - VKV Jairampur

Annual Sport Meet 2018-19 of V.K.V. Jairampur had been successfully completed with the active participation of the students form all classes in a sportive and competitive environment. The two-day (05 and 06.09.2018) programme included different field games like running, jumping, shot-put, discus-throw, football, kabadi or kho-kho, as well as ,indoor games like badminton, chess, or carom. The progremme got started with the hoisting of flag and then followed by the lighting of torch by the Principal Sir in the opening ceremony. In his address, the Principal Sir put emphasis on the need of physical fitness to keep a sound mind in the body. The event started with running races from 100 meter to 800 meter participating students from different houses. After field and track games, other field games as well as indoor games had been going on simultaneously in the different corner of the field. The first day got concluded with volleyball final for both boys and girls. The second day repeated the same as usual but the main attention of the day that is, football final was scheduled at the end. The match was won by Atharvaveda House. The two day event concluded with the closing ceremony where Dr.Techai, active member in indigenous faith and Arun Jyoti was invited as chief guest who distributed prizes to the winners. With the active participation of the players and healthy support from the supporters, the event became a successful one. Throughout the event witnessed true sportsman spirit, outburst of emotion, joy of winners, frustration of losers, and over all enthusiasm of both players and supporters. Now, waiting for the next year.

 New Teachers’ Camp  Conducted  VKV – Jairampur 

The New teachers’ camp is conducted at VKV – Jairampur from 1st July 2018 to 3rd July 2018. The organising team of six members under the guidance of Shri Unnikrishnan P M, Education Officer, VKVsAPT – Dibrugarh is formed for smooth functioning of this camp.

The members of the organising team are Shri P.K.Pandey ji, Cluster I/C of Lohit & Tirap Clusters, Shri Anand Mohan Mishra ji, Cluster I/C of Subansiri, Shri T. Sritharan, Principal, VKV-Jairampur , Shri K.Dineshan, Vice-Principal of VKV-Jairampur and Shri Shyamal Chakraborty, Principal, VKV-Kharsang.

On dated : 1st January 2018 all the 35 participants reached the venue before 5 p.m. and at 6.30 p.m., Shri Prashant Devekar, Resource Person from Jnana Prabodhini, Pune, is escorted by Shri Unnikrishnan P.M., has arrived.

The following activities are undertaken on 01/7/2018 :

(1). Bhajan Sandhya

(2). Introduction session

(3). Objectives of the camp by Shri Prashant Devekar ji

(4). Life in VKVs and its experiences by Shri P.K.Pandey ji

(5). Concluding by Shri P.M.Unnikrishnan

The following activities are undertaken on 02/7/2018:

  • Pratahsmaran followed by Yoga session(By Shri Sunil Dhawral)
  • Inaugural Programme: The welcome address was given by the Principal of Host school Shri T.Sritharan. The Chief Guest was Shri S.S.Choudhary, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Jairampur and Shri Surendar Devekar, Resource person are felicitated by Shri Unnikrishnan ji. The Chief Guest has appreciated the administration of VKVs for conducting such camps and it was followed by Vote of Thanks from Shri P.K.Pandey ji.
  • Sessions taken by Shri Prasant Devekar ji : The total number of six sessions are taken in which following points are explained –
  • Topic: Classroom management for effective teaching = Under this topic the following sub-points are illustrated : (1). Preparing students for New Learning, (2). Presenting New Learning, (3). Deepening Learning, (4). Applying Learning, (5). Helping students Reflect on and celebrate learning, (6). Organization, Rules and Procedures, (7). Positive Relationships, (8). Engagement and Enjoyment, (9). Culture of thinking and learning, and (10). Professional practices with team spirit is also made understood.
  • Session taken by Shri Anand Mohan Mishra ji : The Post Supper session was taken on Sister Nivedita and her contributions.
  • The day was concluded by Shri Unnikrishnan P.M., for re-capsulation of whole day activities.

 The following activities are undertaken on 03/7/2018:

  • Pratahsmaran followed by Yoga session(By Shri Sunil Dhawral)
  • Sessions taken by Shri Prasant Devekar ji : The total number of six sessions are taken in which following points are explained –
  • Activity based learning - A radical change in Primary Education

(Explained the support of short videos of some schools)

  • Group Discussions on :

Learning points, Teaching points, Learning material, Learning spaces, Teacher student Interaction and Organisation network.

  • Bhajan Sandhya: It was conducted in Radha-Krishna Mandir of Assam Rifles. It was treated as group activity based trip/survey for the participants and was guided by the Resource person throughout the trip. It was followed by a session on poster preparation and presentation.
  • The Post Supper session is allotted for written test on two books of Kendra Publication and session was coordinated by Shri Shyamal Chakraborty .
  • The day was concluded by Shri Shyamal Chakraborty with re-capsulation of whole day activities.

 The following activities are undertaken on 04/7/2018:

  • Pratahsmaran followed by Yoga session (By Shri Sunil Dhawral)
  • Sessions taken by Shri Prasant Devekar ji : The total number of five sessions are taken in which following points are explained –
  • Experimental Learning

(Explained the support of various examples)

  • Concrete to Abstract (Through symbols like Verbal, Visual, Sound, Pictures, Field trips, drama, etc.)
  • At 6 a.m., feedback forms are filled up by the participants and it is followed by Concluding function.
  • The Concluding function was coordinated by Shri Shyamal Chakraborty and it was as follows :
  • Welcome address by Shri T.Sritharan
  • Shibir Geet (Song: Dharm ki Liye Jiye)
  • Experience sharing by participants
  • Concluding tips by Shri Prasant Devekar ji
  • Address by Shri P.M.Unnikrishnan ji
  • Vote of thanks by Shri P.K.Pandey ji
  • Kendra Prayer
  • The whole programme came to an end at 9.30 p.m.