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 Prachodaya Shibir - VKV Itanagar

The “18th PRACHODAYA SHIBIR” 2018 for Class VIII High Achievers  camp for the gifted students of VKVs in Arunachal Pradesh was held at VKV, Itanagar  from 24th March to 27th March 2018. The total number of 198 selected students (127 girls & 71boys) attended the shibir.

On 24th November at 4.30 pm the Prachodaya Shibir was formally inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Education Minister Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh Shri. Honchun Ngandam. Programme proceeded with Mangalacharan. Dr. Kakade Rajendra Chaggan Principal VKV Itanagar formally welcomed one & all.

Shri. Unnikrishnan P.M Education Officer VKVAPT felicitated the Hon’ble Education Minister with token of love and explicitly delivered speech on significance of the Prachodaya Shibir which has clarified the concept of Prachodya.

VKV Balijan girls sang Shibir Geet ‘Chal Chal Purto’

Inaugural address by Shri. Honchun Ngandam

  • He implied his happiness by seeing the maximum no of girls participants than the boys participants.
  • He advised the children to become disciplined and hardworking in their day today life facing all sorts of obstacles & challenges on their way to success.
  • He also advised them to create their own destiny is their prime duty & be qualitative person.
  • He expressed his concerned on the trend of ‘Brain Drain’& suggested them to serve the country is our moral duty.
  • Children should decide themselves what is wrong & right while doing any task.
  • He expressed his willingness to become guardian and well wisher of VKVsin future.
  • He told the students to consider their teachers as the representatives of God and parents.

Shri. Madhubal TK from VKV Vivek Vihar proposed vote of thanks

Inaugural Function concluded with Shantimantra.

Bhajan Sandya & Kendra Varga:

Bhajan Sandya was conducted by Dr. Kakade Rajendra C.

The 6 groups were formed with group in-charges for smooth conduct of different activities.

  1. APJ Kalam – Smt. Shilpi Das Gupta (VKV Itanagar)
  2. Aryabhaata - Shri. Patil Pankaj Balasaheb (VKV Itanagar)
  3. V. Raman - Shri. Ravindran (VKV Vive Vihar)
  4. C. Bose - Shri. Madhubal T K (VKV Vivek Vihar)
  5. Ramanujan - Shri. Manoj Shah/  (VKV Itanagar)
  6. Shrushta - Dr. Kakade Rajendra C / Shri. Hemant Kr.Chetia (VKV Itanagar)

 Groups were given separate places to conduct Kendra Varga

The group In-charges with support of Arunjyoti Karyakartas conducted the following activities in Kendra Varga.

  1. Self-Introduction (Using brain Storming Activity)
  2. Group Games
  3. Patriotic Song
  4. Slogan Shouting
  5. Practice of different Command

Shri. Kumarvel Sir Cluster In-Charge Kemeg & Shri. Anand Mohan Mishra Cluster In-Charge Subansari were present and observed the activity of each group minutely.

In Kendra Vargas all the participants enthusiastically participated in all activities and made it successful.

Kendra Vargas concluded with Kendra Prathana together.

 The day ended with video show & recapitulation by Shri Unnikrishnan P.M Education Officer.

 25th March 2018

Day began with Prathasmaran followed by the activity of Yoga & Pranayama in which Shri. Alokesh Boro demonstrated Stretching & Loosening Exercise, Pranayama boosted the energy of all participants to stay alert all the day.

 1st Session: Being better / Mapping the Vision Of life

All the participants got the kind presence of Br. Vignesh, Chinmaya Mission, and Coimbatore.  He guided the students very systematically how to reach their goal of life by giving the example of Nachiketa the character of Upanishada.

  • He advised them to develop value systems by the example of Dr. APJ Kalam during his student life had no power, no money, but he had values with which he built his character.
  • He said the students to think internally not externally to map their vision of life. He gave them activity of poster making to visualize their vision.
  • He showed many video clips of differently abled people who achieved their goal successfully only because of their strong determination.  

 2nd Session: Talk with the Achievers

In this session students got the chance to interact with Shri. Himanshu Gupta (IAS) It was wonderful experience for the high achievers. Shri. Unnikrishnan P.M Education Officer had formal talk with him in front of the students. He was requested to share his secret of success and give suggestion to the students.

  • He emphasized on discipline, hard work & love for the subject for reaching their target.
  • He advised the students to focus on their interest for any subject of field and to work on that tirelessly.
  • They should not give up after the failures. They must face obstacle of life with patience and persistence.
  • He said the students not be frustrated or arrogant at any cost & always respect of the teachers, parents & elders.
  • He told the students to be truthful even in adverse situation. He said them to search happiness by helping others in the society instead of only running for the worldly pleasure.

Students also took the privilege to ask him few questions on the preparation of Civil Services Exam

  • To answer those questions he suggested them to read the lesson thoroughly to get the deeper essence of the subject.
  • He also suggested them that application of knowledge is essential in day today life for comprehension of any topic.
  • Lastly he concluded with Swamiji’s quotation Arise, Awake, & stop not till the goal is reached.

 3rd Session: Goal Setting & Time Management. (Group Discussion)

Using of Self Resource concept Shri. Unnikrishnan P. M Education Officer briefed about the topic of Goal Setting & Time Management. Concerned in charges facilitated the discussion in their respective groups. After the discussion all participants gathered in hall and each representative from group presented the topics of their discussion.

 4th Session: Being better-Hari Om Session- Potential to Performance: Br. Vigneshji

  • With explicit use of video clips related with every topic he explained the meaning to all the participants of what is potential to performance? He also presented action song and students also performed the same with great enthusiasm.
  • Learn with full enjoyment. Learning is an instrument for future earnings. So students should learn on their own.
  • During the Hari Om session he explained the scientific meaning of NITYA SLOKAS which can be chanted everyday in different occasions from morning after getting up to go to bed at night..
  • He advised them to purify the mind, to do good things for others without expecting anything in return and to continue learning as long as they can.
  • Students must communicate with the people whole heartedly wherever they are and whatever their position they may have in their life.

Krida Yoga- Groups Games:

  • Krida Yoga- Groups Games was conducted by Shri. Alokesh Boro where all the participants greatly enjoyed the group games.

5th  Session: Study Habits-Poster Making

  • Unnikrishnan P.M Education officer briefed about the Study Habits and guided them how to present their concept of Study Habits on poster. Groups were given enough time to think about the topic and preparations.

6th   Session:  Prerana Se Punaruthan/Video show: By Br. Vigneshji 

  • Vigneshji initiated the session with inspirational talks & to support this he has shown inspirational Hindi Biographical adventure film “Poorna” the youngest girl who climbed Mount Everest.
  • Participants really enjoyed the film & got inspiration through the efforts of Poorna which is reflected in feedback of participants

 26th March 2018

 Day began with Prathasamran & followed by the session of Br. Vigneshji on Being better- Meditation/Focus/ Concentration By small activity he created awareness among the participants How should we concentrate & focus on particular topic.

  • Activity of three tennis ball & one basket ball.
  • Video clips on concentration/ focus was shown
  • 2nd Session: Address by Shri. Prince Dhawan

Session began with ShibirGeet: Chaal Purto by Shri. Chayan Sarkar

Participants got privileged to listen young, dynamic IAS officer Shri. Prince Dhawan (Deputy Commissioner Capital Complex Itanagar) He delivered graceful based on five unique points.

  • There is no substitute for hard working, so be hard working.
  • Dream something higher: Dreams are goals which do not let you sleep. Face the obstacle and achieve the goal.  
  • Whatever you do, do it happily, have faith, every lesson is important and useful, leaning is never waste. Use your learning in disciplined manner.
  • Be a good human being& good citizen. Be a giver in the society.

 3rd Session: Being better- Patriotic Transformations by Br. Vigneshji. 

Session began with ShibirGeet: Chaal Purto by Shri. Chayan Sarkar

  • Vigneshji  said to adopt a boundless love for homeland  and commitment to the revolutionary transformation of society.
  • In this regard quoted examples of Swami Vivekannada, Bhagat Singh, Dr. APJ Kalam etc.
  • Inspirational video of Major Dhyanchand and his commitment to the mother land.
  • He also gave the supportive example of Raja Bhupinder Singh of Alwar who bought six Rolls Royal and made it waste carrier in his kingdom because he was consider as poor Indian citizen during his London Visit.
  • He had shown supportive video clips through which students could understand the topic thoroughly.

4th Session: Peer Pressure- Possiblities & Challenges (Group Discussion)

  • Unnikrishnan P. M Education Officer briefed about the topic what is peer pressure? & what types of challenges & possibilities are there in peer pressure?
  • Concerned in charges facilitated the discussion in their respective groups. All the participants shared their views about peer pressure.
  • Peer pressure can be positive & negative.   
  • Challenges can be accomplished in peer pressure.

 Bhajan Sandhya:

  • Bhajan Sandhya conducted by Shri. Chayan Sarkar & Dr. Kakade Rajendra with group of participants.

 5th Session: Question Answer session with Br. Vigneshji & Shri. Unnikrishnan P.M (EO) 

  • During the sessions different topics dealt with students to clarify the concepts & doubts in the minds of participants question & answer session was held. That could reinforce the concept.
  • Students asked many questions related with the learning took place in the shibir.

 6th Session: Poster Presentation & Feed Back Session:

  • Study Habits- Poster Presentation was conducted by Shri. Madhubal TK. Every group has prepared the poster to depict the different study habits. Students have also told their personal experiences about study habits & its importance. This was great opportunity for students to express their ideas and present before the peer.
  • Feedback session was conducted by Shri. Patil Pankaj Balasheb. Students willingly came forward to share their experience about camp. Most of the students shared that it was great opportunity for them to learn different things form highly qualified & gazetted officers.
  • Thus the session concluded with ShantiMantara.

 26th March 2018

 Day began with Prathasamran & followed by the Valedictory Function. 

Br. Viignesh, Chinmaya Mission, Coimbatore, Shri. Unnikrishnan P.M Education Officer VKVAPT,

Dr. Kakade Rajendra C. Principal VKV Itanagar, Shri. Kumarvel Cluster Inchrge (Kemang), Shri. Madan Mohan Mishra, Cluster In-charge (Subansri) graced the occasion. Dr. Kakade Rajendra C. Principal VKV Itanagar formally welcomed the dignitaries on the stage.

 Shri. Unnikrishnan P.M Education Officer VKVAPT felicitated the Br. Vignesh with token of love & presented his review of camp. In which he appreciated the discipline & spontaneous response of camp participants. He also boosted the confidence of the participants by anecdotal expressions related with moral values.

 Br. Viignesh, Chinmaya Mission, Coimbatore gave Patheyam and blessed with his inspirational & spiritual words.

 Shri. Kumarvel Cluster In-charge (Kemang) extended his vote of thanks.

 During the Ahuti Stara everybody offered the flowers at the “OM” & took one book as Prasada. 

In this way 18th Prachodaya Shibir concluded with wonderful memories of learning experiences.