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Report of Vivek Inspire workshop Program

The Vivek Inspire Workshop for class VI Batch III held at VKV Itanagar is going to conclude followed by valedictory function. The workshop started on 14th August upto 18th August 2017. In this workshop 38 Students (14 Boys and 24 Girls) participated from 8 VKVs namely VKV Itanagar, Vivek Vihar, Nirjuli, Balijan, Banderdewa, Seijosa, Nivedita Vihar and Oyan.

The resource person of this workshop came from Jnana Probodhini Pune, Sonal Prabhu, Nivedita Ponkshe, Mrinmayi Adawadkar.

All the participants reported on 13th August evening along with their escort teachers and mentors at the host school VKV Itanagar.

In this 5 days workshop various sessions were being conducted in which finger painting, Diary writing, finding out things with each alphabet in a given time in groups, relay drawing, observation like Rocket balloon, pyramid of likes and dislikes, GMAT introduction, asking questions, some  sports and games along with prayers and yoga sessions.

In finger painting activity they have learnt how to make abstract paintings without using brush, pencil etc. In diary writing they have learnt the importance and various types of diary writing such as personal diary, Traveler Diary, Food diary, auto biographies and   biographies etc.

Besides this, through the activity of searching various things for each alphabets such as A for Ant, B for Brush and C for Colgate etc. The outcome from this activity is that they started thinking out of the box. Through the relay drawing activity, they have started thinking as a group. It was a big form of brain storming for them.

During the observation – Rocket Balloon by using some materials like balloon, thread, straw, they have learnt the law of Newton (III) by which a rocket travels which is also known as the Rocket Science. Another observation was based on using different human senses, like eyes, nose, ear, tongue, skin. They have started learning things in a broader sense.

Through the session of Pyramid of likes and dislikes they have expressed their feelings regarding themselves by using various words.

In GMAT session, the importance was explained through some various examples like pigpen language, mirror image, water image and coding – decoding etc.

Through the asking question activity, they have learnt the various types of questions such as question starting with W( who/what) and H (how) and question starting with using prepositions such as from, as, etc. Along with they have also learnt how to conduct interviews.

During the reports sessions the students had played some indoors and outdoors games and sports like football, volley ball, basket ball and musical chair etc. After attending the Morning Prayer, they have also experienced some physical exercises which are very important to keep our mind and body healthy and sound. During the camp the students also learnt how it uses leisure time by doing creative works like painting, solving puzzles etc.

In the valedictory function Dr. Rajendra Kakade, Principal VKV Itanagar was the chief guest. He appreciated the students for such a good response of their eagerness towards learning. He appreciated the resource persons for the initiative which they have taken for the camp finally.

Finally the camp was very suitable to all the participants as well as for the mentors. The camp was concluded by Shanti Mantra.