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Utsarg Samaroh 2017 at VKV Itanagar

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17TH Utsarg Samaroh of 5- VKVs for Class-X students initially started on 20th January 2017 with evening prayer at 06.30 pm in Itanagar. The participants from following schools attended the UTSARG-17.

Name of VKVs

No. of Girls

No. of Boys






















Grand Total




Altogether 235 students attended the Utsarg.

Sri P.M. Unnikrishnan, Education Officer, VKVAPT addressed the students, Resource persons and Escort Teachers and briefed about the 3-days Utsarg Samaroh. He defined Utsarg as gloriously march forward. He narrated a small story of Varanasi Yatra of two persons to make students understand that situation of life will be same, but how we look at it, is very important. If we look at the positive aspects, we will be benefitted, but if we look at its negative aspects, we will be the looser. The Shibir Geet ‘Man mein hamne’  was taught by Sri R. Krishna Kumarji, Member, VKVAPT.

On 21st Morning, The Utsarg -17 was formally inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the Chief Guest Sri HAGE KOJIN, I.A.S., COMMISSIONER of Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh. Mananeeya BHANUDASJI, General Secretary ,Vivekananda Kendra  Kanyakumari also graced the Inaugural function. The programme started with Mangalacharan. The Principal Sri Jaisankar, VKV, Itanagar welcomed everybody cordially. Smt. Pratibha Kulkarni, HRD,VKVAPT and Sri Sanjay Karkare, In-Charge of  Vivek Kiran  Project were also present in the occasion.

Sri P.M. Unnikrishnanji, E.O. explained the purpose of Utsarg Samoroh. He advised them to prepare themselves to learn all good things from the programme by detaching themselves from all mundane attractions of their daily life. He suggested them to enjoy the essence of the programme, to introspect, to look within and to go ahead in their life. Mananeeya Bhanudasji in his address mentioned about the significance of 3-days Utsarg  by quoting the example of Nachiketa who waited 3-days at Yuma’s palace to get knowledge. Similarly Swami Vivekananda meditated 3-days on the rock in the mid sea at Kanyakumari   where he got the vision and mission of his life. He asked the students to undrgo the Utsarg as Tapas with full attention and get benefitted in these three days.

Sri Hage Kojin, IAS, Commissioner of Education addressed the students by emphasizing two things for scoring good marks  in forth coming CBSE examinations.

Firstly, Comprehensive study, Secondly  Selective study . He narrated  personal experiences while schooling  from a village school as well as his higher studies . Only by sincere hard work  and dedication  to his studies ,he could reach this position of IAS. Present facilities were not available for students on those days in Arunachal Pradesh. He recalled the contribution of VKVs right from 1977 in the state as he was closely associated with senior elders of Vivekananda Kendra and he himself was part of inaugurating VKV, Tafrogam when he was serving in Tezu. He said that present students are more privileged to study in VKV unlike his hardship in Govt. Village school with little basic amenities for quality education. Therefore, develop the WILL POWER and devote in studies with firm determination- ‘I Can do it.” Never under estimate yourself. You can achieve a lot by hard work. Imbibe the twin ideals of VKVs –Character building and Nation building. Being a VKV student you must  not only change your own mind set up but teach others also in order to bring  fast development in this State ,as Arunachal Pradesh  is  far away in comparison with other states in developments are concerned. After completing your studies, try to become a contributor for Arunachal Pradesh’s development in economically, educationally and socially. You must apply your scientific knowledge in various fields like horticulture, many other aspects of cultivation, Transport and communication e.t.c. He concluded his inaugural address by giving thanks to VKV management  for addressing the students and teachers in this occasion of Utsarg.

After the Inaugural function Mananeeya Bhanudasji took an inspiring session on elevating oneself. Bhanuji said, ‘Competing with oneself is the key to elevate oneself. One should upgrade oneself by using the difficulties as opportunities .By quoting Swamiji’s words ,’Each soul is potentially divine’, he urged the students and teachers to keep on elevating oneself. If  you have the quest for  achieving any good thing- do keep on trying for it. He said, only human beings can bear and adjust with any adverse situations and challenges. All the obstacles should be under their control but not vice-versa. He advised everybody to read the literature based on swami Vivekananda. They should expand their thoughts by following swamiji’s life. Expansion is life and concentration is death. They only leave who live for others. Students should have the quest for serving the people of Motherland remembering the vision of swami Vivekananda .They must have SAT SANGH,SAT VICHAR. They must think about society ‘They must apply their scientific knowledge for developing solar energy, hydel power, water resources e.t.c. of their own Nation. They should not be always busy for themselves. They should be busy for others, for the society and become philanthropist like swami Vivekananda for the entire humanity.

In the evening after supper the session, prerana se punarudharan was conducted by Sri P.M. Unnikrihnanji, E.O. He said, Human spirit has no limit for flying. Tremendous capacity is within us. If we have the quest for anything, it is possible. He showed the film ‘THE QUEST’ describing about the life of Swami Chinmayanandaji which was quite motivating for all.

On 22nd January at 3.15 there was a wonderful session taken by Swami Mitranandaji of Chinmaya Mission. In this session Swami Mitranandaji narrated a fascinating story of birds and remarkable incidents of Swami Vivekananda’s life to make everybody understand that we have to keep on doing our good work whatever may be the difficulties we face for it. If we are determined not to quit the work during adversities, then help will certaintly come. He gave the example of Mahatma Gandhi’s Dandi March ,conversation between Ram and Vibheeshan during warfare and wanted to highlight that if we have to achieve something, we have to be strong. We can’nt aspire success if we are weak and sacred. This strength is not only physical but in our entire personality.


He described the chariot of Sri Rama which had two wheels- ‘SOURAJ – DHEERAJ ie Courage and fortitude .Fearless while facing adversity, it does not mean to knock down anybody, but to live life without fear. He advised the students to watch the Hollywood film OMAR MUKTAHAR. It is the story of a libian freedom fighter who was so strategic that along with warfare even he could attend his school time to time.

In the evening, his second session Swami Mitranandaji continued the description of Sri Ram’s Chariot.

Two wheels ---------   Fearlessness and Fortitude

Flag -------------- Truthfulness and pleasantness in communication

Horses ----- Bala ­(Strength)- Vivek (Right thinking)- Dama (Self control)- Parahit (Concern for others)

Reins ---------------- Forgiveness, Compassion, Balance of mind.

Swamiji Explained all above eleven values in detail with suitable examples from the life of great people like Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Sachin Tendulkar, Gopi Chand, P.V.Sindhu, Omar Muktahar, Swami Vivekananda and so on.

Everyday there were academic classes for all subjects by subject experts from different VKVs. Students were also benefitted by prayer, yoga, interactive session.

Utsarg Samaroh came to an end after the valedictory function in the afternoon in which participants expressed their experiences during the camp.