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This year 11th September is very special for us as it was 50 years ago, on this very day by Tithi of 11 September 1893 the date being 2 September 1970 Vivekananda Rock Memorial was inaugurated. Last year we had a grand celebration of Universal brotherhood day. This year god has given us a new experience. Every year Vivekananda Kendra celebrates 11th September as Universal Brotherhood Day.

On universal Brotherhood Day, the day swami Vivekananda gave the message of Universal Brotherhood through his lecture in parliament of Religions at Chicago. He addressed the audience as “Sisters and Brothers of America” and emphasized on Universal Tolerance.

Universal brotherhood was celebrated in VKV Basar with great enthusiasm among all the teaching staffs. The programme was started by lighting of lamp by principal of VKV Basar followed by 3 omkar and prayer after prayer swadhya was conducted on letter from Nivedita didi the vice president of Vivekananda Kendra share beautiful message on this day. Some following points have discussed:

  • Help to each other not fight
  • Assimilation not destruction.
  • Peace and Harmony not dissension.
  • Co-existing all religions/culture not conversion
  • Not to rejection of theirs god.
  • Not to ignorance one’s own God
  • Mutual respect to each other irrespective of caste/creed/fender/rich/poor/community/region.
  • Uniformity of human society by feeling of universal brotherhood.

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"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man"

-: Swami Vivekananda



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