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"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”

"Swami Vivekananda"

Our purpose is to spread the thoughts of this Great Saint of India !

Swami Vivekananda Proclaims

"India is a land of religion and philosophy -- the birthplace of spiritual giants -- the land of renunciation, where and where alone, from the most ancient to the most modern times, there has been the highest ideal of life open to man."

"Let New India arise - out of peasant's cottage, grasping the plough out of the huts of fishermen, the cobbler and the sweeper. Let her spring from the grocer's shop, from beside the oven of the fritter - seller. Let her emanate from the factory, from marts and from markets. Let her emerge from groves and forests, from hills and mountains."         

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas (VKV) 

VKVs have been Gyan-Yagna started by Maneneeya Sri. Eknathji Ranade....Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas (VKVs) in Arunachal Pradesh, under Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Arunachal Pradesh Trust (VKVAPT),is the oldest service activity of its parent organization Vivekananda Kendra, a spiritually oriented service mission with headquarters at Kanyakumari.

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Arunachal Pradesh Trust (VKVAPT)is running 40 Vidyalayas in Arunachal Pradesh. Since inception in 1977, VKVs have been striving to provide an all round nationalistic education to the tribal children of this remote Himalayan State of India. VKVs have been acknowledged throughout the North-East India for their substantial contribution in improving the educational scenario in these States. A large number of 1st Generation learners, especially from poor tribal villages have emerged, working in various field as Doctors, Engineers, Professionals in Fine Arts,Businessmen, IAS Officers.

Students trained on biodiversity

Itanagar, Feb 06: A training was organised by State Forest Research Institute, Itanagar at Van Vigyan Kendra, Chessa on Biodiversity of Arunachal Pradesh for the students of Class XI (Science), Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Chimpu, Itanagar where 40 students attended the training.
Systematic Botanist of SFRI Dr. L.R. Bhuyan spoke about forest types, diversity in medicinal plants, cane, bamboo, orchids and need for their conservation.
Range Forest Officer, VVK, Chessa Nilam Anya spoke about Faunal diversity of Arunachal Pradesh with special reference to Avi Fauna and its conservation.
She requested all the students to come forward to protect the wildlife in Arunachal Pradesh and to stop hunting.
Sr. Teacher, Biology, VKV, Chimpu Prasanta Puzari also spoke on the need for conservation of bio-resources and. Later, all the students visited the medicinal plants garden.

On the courtesy  Arunachal Times

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