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Guru Purnima event was celebrated on 6 July 2020 at VKV Basar with full of enthusiasm. This day is celebrated to aware all the participants about our rich cultural heritage of “Guru-Shishya Parampara”. It was celebrated to make the people understand and realize the importance of guru in their lives. 2 (two) priest from central Kargu Gamgi were invited in this event. Mr. Marken Doke ji and Mr. Mago Doke ji with all the executive bodies of Kargu Gamgi witnessed the event.

We have started our Guru purnima celebration from 9:00 am. Program was started with 3 omkara and Sahana Bhavatu followed by inviting both the priest to occupied their honorable seat, then introduction of ‘Guru purnima’ were given by principal didi. After that most precious moment of the day that is felicitation to the invitee priest done by SSC member of VKV Basar Mr. Migo Basar and Mr. Nyape Basar. After felicitation “Guru Stotra” was played and everyone closed their eyes and listened carefully. All the “guru” or we can say teachers were dedicated by beautiful Donyi polo prayer song, which was followed by Group discussion on the given reference discussion point.  Then Meditation with guru stotra was done and after that, priests were chanted for wellbeing of VKV Basar. We concluded our programme with shanti path (Sharve Bhabantu

It was really a very grand celebration. Teachers, all the executive bodies and Karyakartas of Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti were present during the program. Programme was held for 1 hr and it went successfully with blessings from priest.

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