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The eighth International Day of Yoga was celebrated on 21.06.2022 in our school’s new auditorium in a grand manner with the involvement of students and teachers from two Govt. schools (Government Upper Primary School, Lalpur and Govt. Primary school, Kovin), along with our students and all the inmates of our Vidyalaya in a charming and enthusiastic way.


Sri. T.Sritharan, Principal of our vidyalaya lit the lamp and initiated the celebration and highlighted the importance of Yoga in one’s life and the lifelong benefit in the regular practice of the same. All the students along with the inmates took part in an active way and were in a flow with the entire proceedings. 

The entire display was comprised of Loosening Exercises, Asanas and Pranayama. Sri. L.R Singh, instructed and few students demonstrated the steps to the audience for a better performance. 

The Govt. school students were given yoga training well in advance by our teacher. 

The total attendance of the programme was 465, in which 45 students were from both the Government schools.

VKV Jairampur has celebrated World Environment Day Celebration in grand manner. Principal T. Sritharan delivered a speech on the importance of the day in the prayer hall. After that there was a plantation drive, the NSS unit of the school initiated the programme, Sri. Obang Tayeng, RFO, JRP inaugurated the plantation drive. There are 170 plants being planted in the campus.


The auditorium erected in the Vidyalaya premises was formally inaugurated by Sri. Laisam Simai, the Honourable Member of Legislative Assembly, 51 Nompong Constituency in the august presence of Dr. Devansh Yadav, the Deputy Commissioner, Changlang District , Ms. Jenni Longri, the Zilla Parishad Member,  Jairampur and Sri. Ibom Tao, the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Jairampur.

All the dignitaries were ceremoniously welcomed by Sri. T. Sritharan, the Principal of the Vidyalaya.  In his address, he highlighted the ideology of Vivekananda Kendra -“Man Making and Nation Building” with an outset of creating better citizens of the motherland.

Dr. Devansh Yadav the Deputy Commissioner, Changlang District commenced his speech with the inspiring lines of Swami Vivekananda - “Arise, Awake and Stop not Till the Goal is Reached”. He highly acknowledged the mission of VKVs in producing better assets in the state. He tinted that the younger generations are moulded with all good habits, inclusive of free from drugs of all types and wanted that this aspect is to be extended to all the educational institutions of the state.

Sri. Laisam Simai, the Honourable Member of Legislative Assembly, 51 Nompong Constituency, expressed his happiness to be with the Vidyalaya in all its activities, with a hangover that he could not be a student of the same in the past. Also, he assured to travel with the team for the further developments. 

VKV Jairampur celebrated Amrit Parivar Milan on 28th December – 2021 with pomp and gaiety. The hall was packed with 122 family members  who  participated in the event. Education officer Sri. Unnikrishnan. P.M graced the occasion and started the program by  lighting the lamp. The welcome address was given by Sri. T. Sritharan, Principal. He highlighted the purpose and importance of the occasion. Education officer explained the importance of celebrating Amrit Parivar Milan and the role of family in  nurturing  ethnic value in society. He also advised everyone to find out the hidden talent of their wards when they are at home. He also asked  them to practice their tradition and culture in their families.

A video of Maa. Niveditha Didi was played. Everyone present   watched it keenly  and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was followed by a group discussion and a family game which everyone enjoyed.    . The game was conducted by Sri. S. Patil., P.T. Teacher from VKV Kharsang. Lastly parents expressed their happiness to be a part of the programme. Concluding session was taken by Sri. P.Ajayakumar CIC. The programme ended with Shanti Mantra.

Constitution Day of India had been celebrated in the school premises on 26.11.2021. All the students and staffs took the pledge on the preamble of the constitution of India.

Library week had been celebrated in the school with active participation of students from all the classes in different competitions like essay writing, Book Review, Poster Making, Story Writing, Story Telling and Painting. The Librarian organized all the programmes taking support from all teachers including principal and made the event a successful one fulfilling all its objectives.

Students understood the hercules tasks taken by Maa. Eknathji. They also learnt the great work initiated in Arunachal Pradesh that is Vidyalayas.

Its a knowledgeable programme. Students were made aware about vermicompost, Fishery, Mushroom cultivation and compost from kitchen waste.



Financial Assistance for VKVs

Financial Assistance for VKVs