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Sadgamya Shibir @ VKV Banderdewa - Report

04/10/2017, Wednesday

The students gathered from different schools from 8:50 am from the morning to attend the camp, the first session was opened by Sri. Oma Ngomle (C.D.I),P.T.C.with Sri. Vijay .T. and lighted the lamp with Manglacharan. Sri. Govind Sir introduced the students about the chief guest at 10:30 am. The camp had 150 students from nearby areas. The welcome speech was done by Sri. Vijay Sir, after that the Shibir Geet was sung by Km. Nayanmoni Dutta Didi. The song was “Wakti Wakti Mai Jagaya Rastra
Chetna”, which was sung by lead and follow. Sri.Govind Sir told to the students about the purpose of the camp and explained the means i.e. “Waktita Vikash Shibir”that will lead for well being of the country visa –vis he highlighted that 36 schools of VKV are at present organizing this camp in different corners of Arunachal Pradesh. After his speech Sri. Vijay .T. Wel Comed the chief guest with “Fulom Gamusa”, a traditional Assamese Scarf on the stage. And that was followed by the valuable speech of Sri. Oma Ngomle, (C.D.I); at first, he thanked for honouring him in this camp and inviting for this camp; he interacted with the different students and gave more emphasis on “Discipline” among the students”, later he spoke about the former late President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the 11th president and his work in D.R.D.O. and in his speech on European Union on the topic “Righteousness”, he told the students that if you will have discipline then you can really reach your goal and to be self controled. Stress that this camp will certainly help them for U.P.S.C. Exam in the future, so for that the students should maintain time- table and be disciplined. At the end he once more thanked our school for inviting him again and concluded his speech. The vote of thank was delivered by Sri. S.N. Pandey Sir and culminated by shanti Mantra by Sri. Govind Sir.

The Second Session was of Audio Visual which was done by Km. Munny Choudary Didi and Sri. Pinaki Roy Sir. They had shown small video’s with moral values which was themed as “share, care and love”and other motivational videos of “Happy and Sad”

The Third Session was of “Vedic Maths”by Sri. Dibya Jyoti Baruah. He taught he students to do multiplication by short cut method with two, three and four digit numbers; subsequent to his turn Smt. Shiny S. taught the students by paper cutting about the different angles in the geometry. The session got positive vives in the camp. After this session the group formation was done by Sri. Govind Sir into six groups at sharp1:10pm. The topic was given as “student’s life”that each groups had to view its opinion on the given topic after Bhojan.

The students gathered in the hall after Bhojan at 2.00 pm and a patriotic song “Janani Santan”was sungwith Sri. Madhujiya Saikia Sir in a lead and follow way; by 2.25pm Fourth Session was done by Sri. Vijay.T. Sir. He told the students should have dream and how the VKV in Arunachal Pradesh came up in 1977and the Life history of Maneneya Eknathji Ranade. He spoke to the students about the 11th September, the “Universal Brotherhood Day”and 12th January, the “National youth day”. He also gave the tips to change the thinking pattern , be confident, help others and avoid jealousy. By the 2:53pm various groups formed before the Bhojan gave their views of the given topic.

The fifth Session was of “Kida Yoga”by Sri. Govind Sir, he emphasised more on the importance of concentration to the students; sir taught the students the 3 Om Kars, Inhale-exhale, Kapal Vati, Anulom Vilom and Brahamani that they should do it for 10-15 minutes daily in the morning so that their internal organs gets active and get rid of Migraine. The session got end Shanti Mantra and alpahar.

05/10/2017 ( Thursday)

On the next day at 9:05 am our Sri. Madhujaya Saikia Sir sang the patriotic song “Janani Shantan”with great energy was done in lead and follow way by 9:15. The First Session was started by our Sri. Govind Sir and introduced Sri. Pandey Sir to the students; Pandey Sir told the works of Vivekananda Kendra in the Nother Eastern states at the same time he high lighted the meaning of “Sadgamaya Shibir” that lead to the right path in the life of all present here, he told how Mananeya Eknathji Ranade erected the rock memorial in the Kaniyakumari in Tamil Nadu and seven VKV’s in Arunachal Pradesh in 1977 and the work of Arunjyoti.
The second Session was done by Sri. Varnekarji who runs Vashkar Vidya Peeth in Parbatipur, on the occasion of this shibir he said that a Students is one who studies. He also said that we should not rush after success, rather we should rush after excellence; he spoke on man making and nation building. He said we need to develop our society to develop our country; he laid great saying that students have a great responsibility and concluded his speech and Smt. Kameshwari Pandey Didi thanked him for the valuable speech.soon after that Smt.Nayan Moni Didi sang the patriotic song “Sadhana Nitya Sadhana”which was done by lead and follow.

The Third Session was done by Sri. Vijay .T. Sir. He was introduced by Sri. Govind Sir in the camp, he gave a nice speech on the students’life and explained how the children feel during their examination and gave a mantra “Pariksha De Has te Has te”, at the same time he quoted that passing examination of schools or college is although not related directly, but indirectly it is very much related withour life. By this notes he concluded his speech. The fourth Session was lead by Smt. Anukriti Didi she started her valuable lecture on “Sadyagamaya Shibir”and how to live a simple life and after that the feed back forms were distributed to the students about the feeling of the camp which were to be filled up after the Bhojan.
The fifth Session was of Handicraft ( The Art of making flower with different colourful papers) by Sri. Durlov Bora Sir. The students had learnt to make different papper cutting methords to make flowers of rose, lily and lotus etc. This session got end by 1.00 pm followed by Shanti mantra and got ready for Bhojan.

After Bhojan at 2:07 pm the patriotic song “Janani Shantan”was sung with ful vigour by Sr. Madhujiya Saikia. That was performed in lead and follow way followed by Shivir Geet sung by Smt. Nayanmoni Dutta with the title “Wakti wakti ma jagaya rastra chetna” The fifth Session was initiated by Sr. Govind Sir. He welcomed the valedictory chief guest Sri. Digi Kocho Sir, (B.H.M.)P.T.C. with great honour. The programme started by 3 Om kars after that Sri. Vijay . T. Sir, the camp Coordinator gave a welcome speech and thanked him for being in this camp.The Camp Report was read by Sri. Anil Tamang Sir and briefed the various activities held in the camp to the chief guest. Later the chief guest Sri. Digi Kocho Sir gave a fine speech to the students and told them to be laborious, respect the teachers and follow the teaching of the teachers and this was followed by colourful cultural programmes by various school presented in the two days camp and ended with shanti mantra,