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Library week was observed in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Balijan from 21st Nov’17 to 25th Nov’17. In this Library week, some important and also some interesting activities were done in our school. Some important activities like- Book Review, Display of Books, Book Subscription on student’s own name, Book donation, put thoughts on wall near the Library etc and also Library Orientation were conducted.

And some interesting activities like Puzzle Game and Library visit were done in this week.

From 21st to 25th Nov’17, Book Review was told by students of class VI to IX who had given the best book review to Library from the month of June’17.

Library Orientation Programme was given from class I to VII students on different days from 21st Nov’17 to 25th Nov’17. In Library Orientation Programme, a introduction about Library, how many sections are there in the library, what are those, importance of Library, rules of Library- these kind of things were told by the Librarian. This orientation programme was taken to get the students familiar with the Library.

One more important programme was done in Library week. It was ‘A Library visit to Tetunpukhuri H.S School’. On 23rd Nov’17, class V students went to visit the library of Tetunpukhuri H.S School of Assam with the librarian and other two teachers. During this Library visit, the students got so many information and knowledge about a Library. In our school, the Library is maintained by Open Access System. But in that school library, they have maintained Close Access System. It means students can’t go to the Book Stack Area. If they want any book than they have to write the name of the book and give it to the Librarian. So by this process, the Library was maintained very well.

25th Nov’17 was the last day of Library week. From class III to X, top three students were selected who have read the highest number of books from June’17 to Nov’17. So in the Assembly, those three names were declared by our Principal Smt. Shanti Manoharan Didi.

At last, the programme was finished successfully. The students fully utilized the library during this week; they got aware about the library. So, I hope they will use the library like this in future also.