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Report of Guru Purnima

        Guru Purnima was observed on 9th July 2017. Shri Ashok Kr. Mishra spoke in the Morning Prayer on the occasion. Student showed their respect and love toward teacher during evening prayer. Student decorated the hall with rangoli and posters.

        Ammaji, trainer of Chinmaya Mission graced the occasion as guest lecture. She gave detailed information on Guru Parampara from Ved Vyasa she chanted few Vedic hymns and cleared the meaning.

        After her speech, school captain and school vice captain invited all teachers to seat in front and all students turn-wise in line came forward to touch the feet of all and sought blessings. House wise Guru Bhajan Competition was held wherein all groups used all musical instruments for Bhajan. Total 190 students, 13 teachers and family holder attended the program.